eGov Conference Ministerial Declaration: Interoperability and Reduction of administrative Costs are the Objectives
Interoperability among Member States and reduction of administrative bureaucracy are the main objectives of the Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment unanimously agreed this morning in Lisbon, during the 4th Ministerial eGovernment Conference.

Lisboa, 20 de Setembro de 2007

The new Ministerial Declaration strengthens the commitments of the Member States in proceeding with developments within this scope, focusing upon the following priorities:

* Strengthen the European dimension through the interoperability between Member States;

* Reduce the administrative load and consequently the administrative costs allowing for an efficient and effective interaction between public administrations and the people;

* Guarantee and ensure eGovernment services to all the people, especially in the case of the more economically and socially disfavoured;

* Involve the people in the political processes and increase their transparency.

With respect to interoperability, Member States shall, until the end of 2008, establish new priorities for high impact services for the people, which can be developed over the whole of Europe with the aid of community programmes.

Member States unanimously strengthen their commitment to continue the improvement of public services available to the people and to enterprises, through the use of ICT.

The European Ministers equally recognized the need to share knowledge and good practices, and to strengthen cooperation with other countries, particularly with African States, since Electronic Government assumes ever more relevance at an international level.

The ministerial declaration was unanimously agreed by the Ministers of the Member States of the European Union, EU candidate countries and Members of EFTA.