Más de un tercio del presupuesto TI se destina a mantenimiento y desarrollo interno.
La inversión en desarrollo interno continúa al alza


La inversión en desarrollo interno por parte de los responsables TI de las organizaciones es cada vez mayor. Así lo constata un estudio realizado por Datamonitor sobre las tendencias que caracterizan los presupuestos en TI para 2007, de acuerdo con el cual analista la parte de león de los presupuestos TI corporativos están destinados a desarrollos internos.

El estudio, elaborado a partir de entrevistas con 500 responsables de la toma de decisiones TIC en empresas de EEUU, Europa y Australia, constata que la mayoría de las organizaciones han elevado en 2007 sus presupuestos TI con respecto al año anterior y en un gran proporción prevén su aumento de cara a 2008. Justamente, la partida en la que se contempla el mayor incremento mayor es la de desarrollos propios.

Según la analista y autora del estudio, Aphrodite Brinsmedad, las empresas destinan más de un tercio de sus presupuestos TI a mantenimiento y desarrollo interno. "La tendencia tiene sentido considerando que el equipo interno es habitualmente la primera elección para responder a las necesidades TI de la organización", entiende Brinsmead.

La experta considera que "este método a menudo se utiliza dado su efectividad en términos de costes y el hecho de que los desarrollos pueden realizarse más rápidamente en tanto que el personal ya está en su puesto y tienen un mejor conocimiento del negocio".

Enterprise IT budgets increase but in-house IT teams remain an obstacle for vendors

London - IT budgets globally are predicted to grow and there is a positive outlook. However according to a report just published by independent market analyst Datamonitor (DTM.L), technology vendors hoping to cash in will be faced with competition not only from other providers but from enterprises' in-house IT teams.

In the report "Understanding IT budget trends H1 2007", Datamonitor analyses IT budget changes, focusing on particular markets and the way their budgets are split by entity and provider. Although the majority of enterprises in the US, Australia and Europe will be increasing their IT budgets from last year, they are likely to be spending more with their in-house IT departments, for best value and faster communications.

"Enterprises spend over a third of their IT budgets on internal development and maintenance. This makes sense given the in-house team is usually the first choice to address an organization's IT needs", says Aphrodite Brinsmead, technology analyst at Datamonitor and author of the study. "This method is often used due to cost effectiveness and the fact that developments can be carried out faster due to the staff already being in place and having a better knowledge of the business.

Vendors must work hard to secure business and target particular verticals and geographies where economies and IT budgets are strong."

Financial institutions and energy/utilities organizations are the most likely to increase their budgets

Datamonitor's survey of 500 IT decision makers in enterprises across the US, Europe and Australia, undertaken in the first half of 2007, reveals the majority of enterprises' IT budgets have increased from last year and a high proportion are expected to increase in 2008. The largest proportion of enterprise IT budgets will be spent on internal development.

Over half of the surveyed firms in retail banking, energy/utilities and financial markets indicate they will be increasing their budgets in 2008. Financial institutions typically have higher revenues and the strong economies in the surveyed countries meaning this result is unsurprising. More interestingly the planned increase in energy/utilities organizations' budgets coincides with the recent consolidation amongst enterprises in this market. Standardizing and replacing old systems are clearly high on their agendas.

Expenditure on hardware may begin to decrease

Hardware has always taken up the largest proportion of enterprises' IT budgets and is still reportedly over one third in this survey. However, software and services may be gaining more traction, as the proportion of budgets spent in these areas appears to be gradually increasing.

Datamonitor believes this is due to the regular updates needed by software, new investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) as well as a higher demand for services. This is likely to be a result of increased complexity in the IT infrastructure and vendors promoting their managed and professional service solutions effectively.

The in-house team is nearly always approached first and will also be consuming the largest proportion of the IT budget

The survey results indicate that enterprises will select their in-house team to address IT needs where possible, and the largest proportion of their budgets is spent on internal development and maintenance.

Variations by country are useful in pinpointing areas for vendors to target: Italian enterprises are more likely to approach technology vendors before their own in-house team whereas enterprises in Benelux and Australia are far more likely to use their internal IT staff.

This information also links in with another Datamonitor survey,* which reveals that Italian enterprises prefer both hosting and outsourcing in order to reduce pressure on their in-house teams. Other regions are more reluctant to give up control and the management of processes and therefore are less likely to use these models.

"IT budgets do not always allow for the highest level of expertise and since there are a number of technologies and issues to manage, technologies must be prioritized for internal development so the costs can be carefully balanced. With this in mind and the regional variations, vendors will need to work harder to prove the value of their solutions."

Notes for editors:

* Understanding enterprises' technology priorities H1 2007 (Customer Focus)

Datamonitor's report"Understanding IT budget trends H1 2007," highlights how enterprises are spending their IT budgets in 2007 and how this will change over the next year. It gives an overview of IT budget changes analyzing variations by geography, vertical market and the proportion of enterprises' IT spend on hardware, software and services.

Aphrodite Brinsmead is a technology analyst with Datamonitor and author of the report.

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