BNP Paribas: Best in class though medium of cartoon
BNP Paribas is introducing "Starbank" - a serious game designed to help new recruits understand how a bank works. This interactive game has been developed to complement the existing training activities that are part of the bank's induction programme


Additionally, the "Starbank" program is designed to provide new employees with a knowledge base of fact sheets summarising the specific aspects of the BNP Paribas group: its businesses, activities, core values and management systems.
The aim of the game is for players to build a fictitious bank in an orbital city of the future. They must develop their business by establishing structures such as sales outlets or a business centre, or by investing in new business lines and services.
Performance indicators enable the players to track the profitability of their investments in real time. "Starbank" is an enjoyable way for new employees to learn about the Bank's three core businesses: Retail Banking, Asset Management and Services and Corporate & Investment Banking.
Playing "Starbank" gives novices a chance to learn from experience, from failure as well as success, and to reflect on their chosen strategies.
Once the game has begun, players can go back to square one as many times as they like, thus consolidating the learning process.
At the start of the game, the players are supported by Marvin, who introduces them to the game.
This simulation game is fully interactive and educational.  It is available in 3 languages, French, English and Italian.