HSBC chooses SAS for enterprise fraud management

Fuente:    Fecha:   27.05.2009

HSBC has chosen SAS Fraud Management as its principal solution for fraud management across its global network. HSBC and SAS are working together to expand SAS Fraud Management's capabilities, beyond protecting against credit and debit card fraud, to help provide a comprehensive approach to combating fraud across multiple lines of business and channels.

These capabilities will help enable the bank to monitor activity at the customer, account and channel level. This should result in further protection against branch banking, bank transfer and on-line payment fraud, as well as internal fraud, and represents part of SAS' continuing investment in helping financial institutions to reduce fraud.

HSBC will continue to use reporting and rule writing capabilities that should result in greater detection rates and continued reduction of false positive rates. By monitoring behaviour at the customer level, the bank hopes to gain more streamlined and efficient use of its investigative resources. HSBC will continue to use SAS' alert management, routing and queue prioritisation software to allow the highest priority alerts to be worked on quickly.