ITG consolidates data from "all key traditional and alternative venues"
Investment Technology Group's transaction cost analysis system is now using data taken from all primary exchanges and Multilateral Trading Facilities across Europe, effectively providing a ‘consolidated tape'. Since the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive regulations came into effect in November 2007 there are numerous alternative share trading mechanisms, including Chi-X and Turquoise, that have taken liquidity from primary venues limiting the usefulness of data taken from primary exchanges only.

Fuente:  Fecha: 8.07.2009

In addition to ITG TCA, consolidated data will be used in ITG Alpha Capture, Radical and Triton execution management system. ITG claims clients will be able to view the results of trades in any time horizon, in any currency and in any configuration.

Commenting on the new development, Michael Sparkes, managing consultant at ITG's analytical business in Europe, said: "The consequences of market fragmentation for data and its users, were not fully anticipated by the regulators at the time MiFID was introduced. It has been a problem for our clients and we are pleased to offer a solution. At ITG we pride ourselves on being innovative and for responding quickly to the needs of our clients. We continue to invest heavily in new analytical processes and methodologies to provide the greatest possible insight into trading efficiency in the increasingly complex market landscape. More and more of our clients and their brokers are using alternative trading venues and so they need their ITG TCA data to reflect the ‘whole market' picture. That is now possible."