Spain opens Europe’s most advanced data center
The center, designed to offer cloud computing services, will be able to house up to 24,000 servers, and reduce corporate computing costs by 30%.

The largest data storage center in Spain and one of the largest in Europe has opened its doors in Castellón (eastern Spain). Only six months after breaking ground and by working at a frenetic pace, the company Tissat from Valencia has inaugurated the facility called Walhalla (meaning temple or dwelling of the gods, according to Germanic mythology). This is the most advanced Green Data Center given its security and energy efficiency.

 The center can offer cloud computing services and house up to 24,000 servers, offering companies a 30% reduction in their computing costs, guaranteed uninterrupted system service (safe from the vicissitudes of nature and the weather) and maximum information protection and reliability.

 Walhalla is an eco-efficient data space which reduces energy consumption by 65% and CO2 emissions by 51%.

 This data bunker will also prevent networks from crashing and guarantee data protection. It offers data center reliability under any circumstance (technical or meteorological, cyber attack, terrorism or natural disaster). Only 13 centers in the world have this level of security, of which four are in Europe.

 This pioneering project puts Spain at the forefront of the technology services sector and represents a point of reference for business diversification.