FEACO Regional Conference 2007. 4 & 5 October 2007, Warsaw, Poland. "How much consulting in… consulting?"
We all observe with curiosity rankings of the biggest advisory companies which are organized in every country, but actually there is not a reflection over what indeed is covered in the name of consulting services. IT advisory, Human Resources advisory, training, projects capacity building financed from structural funds- is it still consulting?

This year the annual conference rises a quite ambiguously question "How much consulting in… consulting?".

Organizers of the conference are leaving this question open, hoping that the presentations of rank speakers during plenary sessions and panel discussion will allow for wider analysis of this problem and maybe even it creates an opportunity to define the consultancy in the 21st century.

In order to achieve the above goal of the conference titled "Development and cooperation in modern consulting", all thematic blocks of the conference create the integrity

On the first day of the conference, in the plenary part, speakers will present perspectives for the consulting industry in particular regions- Western Europe, Eastern & Central Europe as well guests from Japan and China are invited.

In the afternoon part we would like to invite to the participation in panel meetings of „networking" character which will create the possibility of recruiting business contacts. In order to facilitate establishing the relations, these meetings will take place in the division into three thematic areas: IT Advisory, Human Resources Advisory & Training, Corporate Advisory.

As part of the meeting companies will be asked for a short presentation of its areas of activity in order to facilitate the mutual recognition.

The other day of the Conference will be dedicated to the international cooperation. In the panel part speakers will be sharing their experience in: the realization of projects about international character, area of building consortiums, the cooperation with local companies as well as the strategy of an approach to that kind of undertakings.

Afternoon part will be providing experts’ workshops during which experienced consultants will share with their practical experience connected with everyday problems of functioning advisory companies like:

How to organize sell efficiently in consulting company? What does modern business expect from consultant and how adapt to it? How necessary is support of IT for traditional business advisory? How to build competitive strength through innovation?

We would like to encourage all interested persons for the active participation in this rank event through speeches, moderating of panel session or the presentation of your company.

This conference will be a perfect chance to share practical information and experience in the friendly circle of advisers from all over the world.


 We kindly would like to invite everybody who wants to make contribution into the discussion to contact us.

Please choose presentation theme, based on agenda, which you will be referring to.

We kindly request a summary of the speech which contains:

* 300-500 word proposal in sentence format outlining main introduction to top

We would be grateful if you attached biographical details in sentence format (no CVs please) including career, professional interests, memberships and previous speaking engagements or publications (200 words max.)

The Program Committee will choose the speakers upon a selection process based on the summaries of the speech.

The agenda may be modified upon your proposals and ideas.

The time given for a presentation is up to 20 minutes.

Speakers’ proposals will be accepted only until 11th of June 2007.


To submit your papers or get more information, please e-mail at feaco2007@sdg.org.pl


FEACO, the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations, is the umbrella organization of 23 national European Management Consultancies Associations and the representative body of the European Management Consultancy sector. There are:

* 18 members from the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden;

* 2 members from EFTA: Norway and Switzerland;

* 2 associate members from the Balkans: Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia;

* 1 non-European affiliate member: Hong Kong.

For over 47 years FEACO main activities, apart from representation of the profession on a European level, have been:

* developing the Management Consultancy Market

* promoting the interests of Management Consultancy with the different European and International organizations

You can find more information on our website: www.feaco.org

About Doradztwo Gospodarcze DGA SA

Doradztwo Gospodarcze DGA SA is the biggest Polish consulting company. The strenght of the company consists in combining traditional consulting with modern IT solutions. DGA provides a wide range of solutions within four key areas: business consulting, consulting in the acquisition and management of projects financed by EU funds, management sysytems consulting (quality management systems, anticorrupction, information safety, CRM, etc.).A distinctive feature of DGA is the comlexity of its offer. DGA capital group provides services. in the area of tax, financial and HR consulting as well as legal advisory.

DGA promotes innovations. As the first company in Poland DGA has implemented ISO Quality Management System exclusively in the electronic version "ISO without a sheet of paper" and has obtained BS 7799-2 Information Security System certificate. Furthermore, DGA participated in the Polish economy development via initiating ammendments in Labour Code, telecommuting promotion, the development of energetic and touristic sectors and foundation of new regional clusters.

DGA as a responsible business company was also engaged in social projects. The company undertook activities for the benefit of professional equality of people excluded from the job: women, the disabled, the unemployed and those threatened with job loss.

The confidence in the company is emphasised by numerous prizes received by the DGA: Leader of Polish Business, Corporate Brand Certificate granted by the Polish Brand Institute, and European Medal granted by European Integration Committee and Business Center Club. Constantly high position of DGA in the rating of consulting companies conducted by Warsaw Business Journal confirms the quality of the company’s services.

After 17 years of its development DGA ADVISES THE GREAT OF TOMMOROW, shows other companies their opportunities, development directions by means of effective problems’ solution and building modern strategies approach.

About F5 Konsulting

F5 Konsulting offers professional consulting and training services. We advise businesses and provide consulting services on use of EU funds. Our company has long been involved in transformation of Polish economy, advising leaders in key economic sectors, dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises, and state and local government institutions.

The company was founded in 1991 by academics and students of Pozna

Our key areas of service are:

* Business consulting

* Advisory services on use of EU funds

* Training services

F5 Konsulting offers a wide range of consulting services, including business and financial consulting, strategic advisory services, and corporate management system design and deployment services.

We have dealt successfully with merger and acquisition projects, privatisation transactions, company valuations, growth strategy development, feasibility studies and applications for EU funds.

We belong to market leaders in management of the largest EU financed projects in Poland such as:

* 1. “Personnel training programme for tourist product development" part I, II and III (since April 2006)

* 2. “Promotion of Employment and Human Resources Development", Phare 2002 (Kujawsko-pomorskie province, Zachodniopomorskie province) (completed)

* 3. "Co-ordination of labour market institutions - technical assistance, Poland" (completed)

We offer training programmes for managers and for employees handled by the most adequate training methods used to help the company achieve its intended goals.

You can find more information on our website www.f5.pl  

* main content outline, key conclusions/arguments

* clear reference to any supporting materials (research reports, case studies etc.)