Congreso sobre las oportunidades para la industria global del software. Industria anuncia la convocatoria de ayudas para proyectos de I+D en el marco del Plan Avanza
LABORAL. El informe de AETIC subraya la estabilidad laboral del sector TIC donde el 86,2 %de los contratos fueron fijos
La estabilidad laboral se incrementa en el sector TIC. El 66,2 por ciento de las compañías que participan en este mercado tiene previsto incrementar su plantilla a lo largo de 2006
AYUD@TEC modifica procedimiento gestión ayudas del MITYC
CONVOCATORIA PROFIT 1/2006. Fomento Investigación Técnica. Tecnologías de la Sociedad de la Información
CONVOCATORIA. Ayudas para proyectos de carácter suprarregional del Plan de Consolidación y Competitividad de la Pyme
PROFIT 2006. Industria propone ayudas por valor de 290 M€ para 1.250 proyectos empresariales de I+D tecnológico
El MEC ha convocado el Plan Nacional de I+D+I en la parte dedicada al fomento de la investigación técnica (PROFIT)
Programa Sanidad en Red: 13.300 equipos informáticos a 381 centros sanitarios para 10.000 profesionales sanitarios y 3.500 administrativos
Avanza Formación. El Ministerio de Industria convocará en 2007 ayudas a la formación en TIC de los trabajadores de pymes por importe de 29 millones de euros
El MTAS regula el nuevo sistema de formación para el empleo, que integra la ocupacional y la continua
Hipersector TIC español alcanzó 73.390 millones en 2006
NEARSHORE. Las multinacionales de consultoría tecnológica eligen nuestro país
TCS obtiene contrato de más de US$ 200 millones con el Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS).
"Financing for Research & Development"
The European Investment Bank, with the support of EFCA and FEACO, is organising a series of seminars aimed at promoting the funding available to support the economic objectives of the European Union, and supporting the development of expert partnerships and quality projects.

We are pleased to invite you to attend the second seminar in the series, on the theme "Financing for Research & Development", which will take place at the Hotel Silken Berlaymont in Brussels on 14th December 2006, 10h00 – 16h00.

Attendance at this event is FREE.

The programme is attached. This seminar will be conducted in ENGLISH.

What will you learn?

EIB experts will present current and upcoming financing instruments, under the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes, including the new initiative entitled the "Risk-Sharing Finance Facility" (RSFF). The procedures by which proposals are submitted and assessed will be explained. Participants will have the opportunity to actively contribute comments and questions, share experiences, and to network.

Who should attend?

• Small, medium and large companies working on, or wishing to work on, R&D projects in the eligible countries (see below)

• Universities and education bodies involved in R&D projects

• Public and private research centres

• Officials of Institutions concerned with research & development policy

• Think tanks

Background Information

Within the EU’s "Lisbon agenda" to generate economic growth, employment and social cohesion, is the goal to create a European Research and Development Area.

The EIBs "Innovation 2010 Initiative" (i2i) supports investment in R&D by financing –

- Public R&D programmes

- Private sector participation in public research

- The establishment of centres of R&D excellence (with priority to projects in lesser developed regions of the Union)

- Intangible investments (for example, research costs and patent applications, particularly for SMEs)

The geographical areas eligible for support under i2i are :

- the EU-25 Member States (priority is given to assisted areas and cohesion countries)

- the Accession countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey

- the Western Balkans



Research Funding for Universities

The EIB-Universities Research Action covers three programmes :

- EIBURS – a university research sponsorship programme, providing grants to university research centres working on topics of major interest to the Bank

- STAREBEI – a programme for financing young researchers working on joint EIB-university projects

- EIB university networks – a sponsoring mechanism for university networks


Please complete the attached registration form.

Venue & Accommodation

Accommodation can be booked directly with the Hotel Silken Berlaymont – Boulevard Charlemagne 11-19, B-1000 Brussels, tel.:++32 (0)2 231 09 09, fax:++32 (0)2 285 41 78,

Getting to the hotel :

We look forward to welcoming you at this event.

Else Groen Jan Van der Putten

FEACO Secretary-General EFCA Secretary-General


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Partners for the Seminar Series



The European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations has member associations in 27 countries, and represents engineering consultancy and related services, a sector that employs some 700,000 staff in Europe.


The European Federation of Management Consulting Associations covers 23 countries and represents over 3,500 firms in Europe, employing some 700 000 staff in Europe, representing over 50% of the management consultancy market.