Google Maps Send to BMW
On the Google Maps team, our goal is not only to help you find local businesses, but also to enable you to quickly connect with those businesses, wherever you are. To that end, we recently introduced the ability to call businesses in the U.S. directly from Google Maps, and, as of today, users in Germany can send a business listing found on Google Maps Deutschland directly to cars enabled with the BMW Assist service.

Posted by Thai Tran, Product Manager

Drivers can then set it as the destination for the in-car navigation system, or they can call the business from within the car. No more having to write down the address and re-enter it in the car -- now you can just click and drive! Here's a video showing how this feature works (German version). We've partnered with BMW because they're a leading innovator in the automotive space, and they share our vision for a network-connected world.

As additional devices come online, we're excited to see what is possible, and we'll continue working to make the information that you need available to you when and where you need it.