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The European Graduate Survey 2007: IT graduates want to work for Google
Google is the employer most European IT students would like to work for, according to a new study.

Search engine firm voted number one on IT student's employer wish list

Lara Williams, Computing 18 Jul 2007

The European Graduate Survey 2007, carried out by employment consultancy Universum, talked to 8,100 European engineering and IT students and examined the career expectations and preferences of final year students at the top universities across Europe.

Among IT companies, IBM (4th), Siemens (7th) and Nokia (10th) also made it into the top 10 - but second and third places went to Porsche and Ferrari.

Nicholas Creswell, university programmes manager for Google Europe, says the firm has only been actively recruiting technical interns and graduates in Europe since 2006 and its success in future will depend on the ability to recruit top talent.

The European MBA Survey

MBA's are often called "the business leaders of tomorrow." Despite the present bear market - or perhaps especially because of it -

Companies must stay in sync with the career expectations of MBA students to ensure that they can attract top talent.

1 275 respondents in 2007

16 leading Business Schools

Field period January - April 2007


COMPANYPercent 2007Ranking 2007
McKinsey & Company23,82%1
The Boston Consulting Group18,28%2
Goldman Sachs17,58%4
General Electric14,72%5
Bain & Company14,47%6
Morgan Stanley10,93%7
Johnson & Johnson9,01%9
Booz Allen Hamilton8,44%11

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