Indonesia Stock Exchange launches new trading system
Indonesia Stock Exchange successfully launched its new trading system last week, provided by Nasdaq OMX Market Technology


The new platform named "JATS-NextG" is hoped to have modernised IDX's trading operations. It will replace the two trading systems previously used at Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges, which in 2007 merged to form IDX.
With JATS-NextG, IDX should be able to trade all its financial products, including equities, derivatives, mutual funds and bonds, on one single platform. The system is also designed to enable significantly increased trading volume and has greater flexibility to accommodate the fast growing and dynamic Indonesian market.
"The aim of the new system was to meet the future needs of the Indonesia capital market and to maintain proper, efficient and orderly trading. To meet with future demands, the JATS-NextG is designed to handle up to 1,000,000 orders and 500,000 transactions per day, a much bigger capacity compared to the previous system that could handle 360,000 orders and 200,000 transactions per day. The new system also facilitates the trading of all financial products in one platform and enables an integrated distribution of trading information and surveillance on all products traded in the Exchange," said Erry Firmansyah, president director of IDX.