Séga Sako appointed as CEO for Atos Origin in North Africa
Séga Sako is appointed Chairman and Managing Director for Atos Origin North Africa, an entity which covers Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and the French-speaking African countries. He will be reporting directly to Luigi Giacalone, Vice-President of Atos Origin EMA region (Eastern Mediterranean and Africa).

Rabat, April 5 2007 -

"Atos Origin has been one of the first IT companies to develop a growth strategy in North Africa based on local skills. Séga Sako was part of the team that initiated this strategy and showed great determination in continuing to pursue it successfully," states Luigi Giacalone.

Séga Sako, 49, holds an engineering degree from ISEN and a doctorate in IT from the Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne. He has more than 20 years experience in the IT sector in companies such as Philips and Digital Equipment.

Before taking responsibility for the management of Atos Origin North Africa, Séga Sako has held different significant management positions, such as France regional director at Sema Group, and integration activities director at Schlumberger Oilfield in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Atos Origin in North Africa today employs over 100 people and serves clients including leaders in the telecommunications, financial and public sectors.

"Our objective is to pursue Atos Origin growth in the region by consolidating our market share both on a local and regional level, as well as by implementing the group’s strategy in the development of our nearshore French-speaking activities, in order to strengthen our position as the leading IT service company in North Africa," explains Séga Sako.


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