A woman’s world
Deloitte embraces International Women’s Day and measures its own progress.

Fuente:  www.consultant-news.com   Fecha:  15.02.2011


A woman’s world

Advisory firm Deloitte sees the advancement of women as a strategic priority, in attracting and retaining the best talent, and exceeding the expectations of its clients. It is already seeing the benefit of deliberate steps to increase the number of women on its Executive and governance board. Events such as International Women’s Day help to challenge traditional thinking on the participation and contribution of women at every level in business and society.

Deloitte’s current CEO John Connolly, and CEO designate David Sproul, have declared their commitment to ensuring that Deloitte fulfils the aspirations set out in Lord Davies’ recent report Women on Boards.

Under John Connolly’s personal championing of the progression of women in the firm, Deloitte has achieved great progress in the leadership roles held by senior women Partners. This has created a secure foundation for the progress of women looking forwards. Already 21% of the 14 members on CEO elect David Sproul’s new Executive (which takes over in June 2011) are women, and 20% of Board roles are occupied by women.

Margaret Ewing, Deloitte’s Vice Chair, said: “The leadership of Deloitte is determined to improve the diversity of the firm, at all levels of seniority. We want the number of women at Deloitte, particularly at senior levels, to increase and the introduction of our leadership development programme provides our people with the opportunity to prosper, regardless of their background or gender.”

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Deloitte hosted an event with three inspirational women speaking: Diane Abbot MP, filmmaker Shamim Sarif and human psychologist Linda Papadopoulos. The women were invited because of their ability to inspire their audiences and the strong career paths they have followed. The Deloitte Women’s Awards were also presented during the evening, to Deloitte women and external women leaders nominated by people across the firm for inspirational contributions during the year.

Deloitte’s well established women’s network, run by Emma Codd, a corporate finance partner, is 2,000 strong, with regular meetings and events, speaking opportunities and social occasions targeted at both Deloitte women and clients. The network also provides a valuable means for Deloitte women to meet role models and develop mentoring relationships.

To contribute to the debate on Women in the workplace, 700 participants from 39 countries participated in Deloitte’s International Women’s Day webcast. The panellists, including Heather Hancock, UK Managing Partner for Innovation and Brand, and James Wall, Global managing director for Talent, discussed how investigating in and developing women as workers, leasers, and consumers can yield a significant benefit – the Gender Divide. A full recording of the webcast can be found at www.deloitte.com/iwd.