Accenture exec writes book on technology transformation
Accenture’s Robert Kress authors new book, which details Accenture’s own IT transformation as an example.

Fuente:   Fecha:  30.11.2011

Accenture exec writes book on technology transformation

NEW YORK -- Accenture announced that Robert E. Kress, chief operating officer of Accenture’s IT organization, has authored a new book titled Running IT like a Business: Accenture’s Step-by-Step Guide. Published by IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), the book provides insights and advice for unlocking the business value of a company’s IT function and details Accenture’s own IT transformation as a leading example. In the book, Kress provides clear strategies, recommended actions, and real-life examples of how the IT function can deliver real value to organizations by:

• Deploying the latest technologies to help do things better, faster and cheaper.

• Taking advantage of communication and collaboration technologies to facilitate networking across organizations, leading to greater synergy and higher productivity.

• Identifying business risks and applying measures to reduce these risks.

• Implementing technologies to diversify and grow the business.

• Developing vital communication skills necessary to facilitate the change process.

• Realizing cost savings across the organization.

“The centrality of IT as a core tool for every organization provides the rationale for this book,” said Robert E. Kress. “If a professionally run IT function is essential to every business, government or non-profit enterprise, then running IT like a business is the only logical way to run IT. This has been our approach at Accenture since our company was established and our experiences serve as the basis for the insights and recommendations in the book.”

Accenture’s IT organization has spent the last decade on a journey to centralize, rationalize and standardize its global IT operations, driven by a mission to maximize efficiency. For example, over time 600 global applications were reduced to 350 and 1,500 local applications shrunk to just 200. Today, there is one financial system, one time and expense system, and one human resources system for the entire company. Kress cites four key IT metrics that reflect Accenture’s ability to run IT like a business:

• Accenture’s percentage of satisfied sponsors, as measured during annual surveys, rose over the decade from 67%, in 2001, to 92% in 2011.

• Accenture’s annual IT spend in terms of absolute dollars declined over the period by 22%, despite the fact that the size of the workforce increased by nearly 300%.

• Accenture’s annual IT spend as a percentage of company revenues declined by 59% over the period.

• Finally, Accenture’s annual IT spend per person fell by 70%.

According to Kress, for every dollar Accenture made in IT investments over these years, the company realized three dollars in savings.