Accenture is the most recognised consulting brand by procurement professionals
Deloitte wins battle of the Big Four consulting brands.

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 Accenture is the most recognised consulting brand by procurement professionals

A report released today, surveying some of the largest consulting buyers[1], which collectively spend around £2.5billion on management consulting, has found that Accenture is the most prominent consulting brand across the entire market of Tier 1 Firms[2] – accounting for more than 20 per cent of all choices by buyers.

The report found that the top five firms with overall share of buyers’ choices across all consulting services ranked – (1) Accenture, (2) Deloitte, (3) IBM, (4) McKinsey, (5) KPMG. The Source report says that whilst firms like McKinsey and IBM clearly draw on the depth of their heritage in strategy and IT respectively, the strength of Accenture’s brand is arguably that it has successfully managed to associate itself so strongly with more than one service.

The strongest firm-service associations are as follows:
- McKinsey and strategy
- IBM and IT consulting
- Accenture and outsourcing
- PwC and financing

The battle of the Big Four consulting brands…

When looking at the Big Four firms, the Source report found that Deloitte is the most prominent Big Four consulting brand. The report says that perhaps the fact that Deloitte was the only one not to divest its advisory practice in recent years is behind the strength of its brand. Whether or not this is the case, Deloitte has significantly larger share of mind than its rivals (12% against 8% for KPMG, 7% for Ernst & Young and 6% for PwC).

However, from the perspective of brand-building, buyers didn’t associate Deloitte, KPMG or Ernst & Young as the strongest brand for a particular service. Only PwC was associated as the strongest brand for financing.

Edward Haigh, Head of Content and Marketing at commented: “The real question for the Big Four is whether they attempt to follow Accenture’s lead, or chase the arguably more elusive goal of dominating clients’ mindshare for one particular service.”

The public sector
It may prove to be a curse as much as a blessing, but nearly twice as many people in the public sector think of KPMG than any other firm. The report also found that IBM and Capgemini Consulting also do well here, dominating associations with IT and outsourcing. However, Accenture, whose reputation was probably damaged by their withdrawal from the national programme for IT, account for less than 6% of clients’ responses.

Formulating strategy
The association between McKinsey and strategy consulting – measured by buyer mindshare – is the strongest brand in the market place. That strength leaves everybody else fighting for the spoils, though other traditional strategy firms; most notably BCG and Bain make a decent fist of doing so.

Haigh concluded: “The opinions of procurement managers are becoming increasingly important to consulting firms, as they are a relatively small number of professionals with oversight of a huge amount of expenditure. As a growing number of organisations seek to both narrow their preferred supplier lists and align them around specific consulting services, being a generalist Tier 1 firm is no longer enough.”


[1] The report is based on 62 responses from procurement professionals in major organisations with responsibility for buying consulting services. Responses were collected during October 2010.

[2] Tier 1 Firms are very large firms with more than 1000 consultants.