Accenture reorganises to facilitate future growth
Accenture has announced a series of changes to its organization and executive leadership designed to support the company’s plans to drive future growth by enhancing its core business and entering new growth areas

Fuente:     Fecha: 13.08.2009

Among the changes are the appointment of a new chief operating officer and the realignment of two of the company’s growth platforms into two new growth platforms — Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. Accenture’s three growth platforms will now be Management Consulting, Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. The company also will be making investments in new growth areas including healthcare, analytics, digital services, mobility, emerging technologies and key geographic markets.

“The drive to achieve high performance — both for our clients and for Accenture — is more important today than ever,” said William D. Green, Accenture’s chairman & CEO. “To best position Accenture for future growth, we are taking a series of strategic actions to enhance our core business and focus on high-demand areas that offer the potential to extend our leadership in the market.

“The changes to our senior leadership will put some of our most-experienced executives in client-facing roles while also bringing additional perspectives to the management of our business. This is the right team to enable us to continue to deliver superior value to clients, build our business and achieve future growth. Quite simply, there are tremendous opportunities ahead of us, and we are aligning our organization to go after them.”

All of the following changes are effective Sept. 1, the start of Accenture’s new fiscal year:

* Stephen J. Rohleder, as previously announced, has been named group chief executive of Accenture’s newly created Health & Public Service operating group, which integrates all components of the company’s Public Service operating group with the healthcare payer and provider segments of its Health & Life Sciences industry group to form the basis for an expanded go-to-market strategy in public service and healthcare. Rohleder currently serves as chief operating officer.

* Jo Deblaere has been named chief operating officer, succeeding Rohleder. In his new role, Deblaere will focus on driving further operational efficiencies and enhancing the company’s agility. He currently serves as chief operating officer of Accenture’s Outsourcing growth platform, where he has been instrumental in driving operational excellence across Accenture’s $9 billion outsourcing business.

* Kevin Campbell has been named group chief executive of Accenture’s newly created Technology growth platform. This new growth platform brings together Accenture’s Systems Integration & Technology growth platform — comprising all areas of systems integration and technology consulting — with the application outsourcing and infrastructure outsourcing areas of its Outsourcing growth platform to provide clients with fully integrated technology solutions. Campbell currently serves as group chief executive–Outsourcing.

* Michael J. Salvino has been named group chief executive of Accenture’s newly created Business Process Outsourcing growth platform. The new growth platform, created to address the specific needs of buyers of business process outsourcing services and to recognize the importance of BPO to Accenture’s long-term growth, brings together the company’s industry-specific and cross-industry BPO services into a unified organization. Salvino currently serves as managing director–Business Process Outsourcing.

* In addition to continuing to be responsible for the company’s Management Consulting growth platform, Mark Foster will take on a new role leading Global Markets. In this new role, Foster will be responsible for implementing many of the initiatives related to Accenture’s strategic plan. He will also work on sharpening the company’s focus on industry leadership and bringing innovation to clients.

* Karl-Heinz Floether has been named chief strategy & corporate development officer. In this role he will lead Accenture’s Growth & Strategy organization, oversee strategy for corporate development and chair the company’s M&A committee. Floether currently serves as group chief executive–Systems Integration, Technology & Delivery.

* R. Timothy Breene has been named senior managing director–Strategic Initiatives, with a particular focus on leading the company’s pioneering work around next-generation digital/interactive marketing and related areas. He currently serves as chief strategy & corporate development officer.

* Robert N. Frerichs has been appointed group chief executive – United States, with a primary focus on accelerating growth and expanding market share in this key geography. He will remain chairman of the company’s Capital Committee and will also continue as chairman of the Avanade board. Frerichs currently serves as chief risk officer.

* Thomas Pike has been named chief risk officer, with responsibility for quality, client satisfaction and enterprise-wide risk management. Pike currently leads Accenture’s Products operating group in North America.

* Diego Visconti, in his role as international chairman, will take on new responsibility for leading and accelerating Accenture’s penetration and growth in a group of strategic markets critical to the company’s future success.