Accenture wins e-health contract for Lombardy region
New integrated IT platform will support citizen service improvements, business competitiveness and connections with health provider system



Accenture wins e-health contract for Lombardy region

ROME -– Lombardia Informatica (LI), an IT company owned by Lombardy Region responsible for design and implementation of technology systems for the regional government, has awarded Accenture (NYSE: ACN) a 30-month contract for healthcare technology development and maintenance.

Accenture will develop an integrated technology platform connecting Lombardy’s regional administration, local health providers and regional government agencies. Accenture will provide management consulting and IT services, supporting LI in process and technology analysis and demand management activities, to help the organization implement state-of-the-art technologies and operating models while reducing costs and increasing efficiency and system effectiveness.

The project will position Lombardia Informatica and Lombardy Region at the forefront of e-health innovation to help improve Lombard citizens’ quality of life and local companies’ competitiveness. Since 1999, Accenture has worked with the Lombardy region to establish an e-health infrastructure that enables citizens with access to health services, which is highlighted in a recent report.

“This contract reinforces our commitment to the Italian public sector and underscores Accenture’s deep knowledge of the e-government models and the health industry,” said Gianmario Pisanu, who leads Accenture’s Health & Public Service business in Italy.

“Accenture will apply its broad industry skills and insights from our global network to support Lombardia Informatica’s mission to offer innovative and citizen-oriented services, while increasing the regional system’s productivity and local companies’ competitiveness. We will work closely with our client to implement new e-government models bringing innovative solutions, international best-practices and high performance to the local and regional public sector.”