Accenture wins NHS contract to implement hospital system
TPP, Accenture sign three-year Ddeal with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust to implement hospital system.


Accenture wins NHS contract to implement hospital system

LONDON -- TPP and Accenture have signed a new three-year agreement with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust to implement a full hospital system that will connect clinicians with 1.1 million patient records. Under the agreement, Accenture will deploy TPP’s SystmOne solution, including a patient administration system, which will enable the sharing of health information between clinicians for more than 200,000 patients in the region.

“Having worked as a general practitioner in this area for nearly two decades, I couldn’t be more delighted with this news,” said John Parry, clinical director, TPP. “Not only will Airedale clinicians benefit from truly integrated functionality, which will increase efficiency and improve patient care, but patients across the entire region will now potentially be able to share their electronic patient record with every service that cares for them.”

“Accenture’s systems integration experience, coupled with TPP’s SystmOne technology, will enable physicians to access real-time clinical information and personal-health data, allowing for higher-quality care and improved health delivery across the entire system,” said Jim Burke, who leads Accenture's U.K. health business.

Accenture will work with Airedale to deploy the TPP SystmOne solution, including the patient administration system, ambulatory and emergency department management and the first phase of hospital-bed management modules, which will be in the Medical Admissions Unit by the end of 2012. The bed-management system will be extended across the whole hospital and the remaining modules of e-prescribing and e-discharge are due to be deployed in 2013.

Currently, SystmOne is implemented across approximately 80 general practitioners, 10 palliative organizations and more than 100 community services in the Bradford and Airedale region.

Tim Rycroft, head of IT and information governance at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said, “SystmOne offers us the potential to join up patient care across primary, secondary and social care, creating ‘one patient, one record.” This means that clinicians in any care setting will have access to appropriate information about a patient. With SystmOne, we will get closer to our vision of a shared electronic patient record across all our services.”