Atos awarded Hong Kong’s first government cloud contract worth around HK$127 million
Atos in Hong Kong was awarded a seven-year term contract by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to implement and operate the Government Cloud Platform (GovCloud), the estimated contract value is of HK$127million.


GovCloud is a large-scale central IT infrastructure for hosting e-government services for shared use by bureaus and departments, such as electronic information management. Under this contract, Atos will provide a range of services covering project management, system implementation and integration, operations management and data centre hosting for Hong Kong government.

“GovCloud is the Government's first major private cloud initiative and our aim is to capitalize on cloud computing for a more agile and cost-effective delivery of e-government services to meet both the rising demand and the expectations of government departments and the public,” said Mr. Daniel Lai, the Government Chief Information Officer. “GovCloud will bring economies of scale and drive down the cost of hosting e-government services with the use of shared central infrastructure.”


Herbert Leung, CEO of Atos in Asia Pacific said, “We applaud the Hong Kong government for being an early adopter of Cloud computing. We are proud to be part of this exciting development to support the vision of the government to deliver GovCloud, which will empower the government to transform the level of efficiency and the way IT is being delivered.


Atos has a proven track record of delivering excellence for the public sector and we have successfully worked with the Hong Kong government to provide data center management, end-to-end user services over the past 7 years. Our value is again being recognized through this recent contract extension for another 7 years. Strengthened by prior insight and expertise, we are confident that we will provide the right outcomes for the Hong Kong government.”


GovCloud, planned to roll out before the end of this year, will comprise a core infrastructure and a shared pool of computing resources. The adoption of a centralized private cloud approach to building GovCloud will surely bring new levels of cost-savings, time saving and agility in meeting dynamic public demands for e-government services.