Atos Origin achieves ISO 14001 certification in the Netherlands
Certified bodies are obliged to constantly monitor and improve their environmental performance. Atos Origin achieves ISO 14001 certification in the Netherlands

Fuente:    Fecha:  14.12.2009

Atos Origin said its environmental management system in the Netherlands has been certified to ISO 14001 standard. This means that all 15 office sites, divisions and data centres in the Netherlands have been certified as in compliance with this international standard. Certification was achieved in just seven months.

The ISO 14001 certification marks an important milestone in Atos Origin’s Corporate Responsibility programme and reflects the company’s efforts to consolidate the sustainability integration process in all its activities. This programme aims to roll out specific and tangible initiatives in the field of sustainable business. The work to achieve ISO 14001 certification is built on the existing ISO 9001 quality management system.

“Atos Origin strives to constantly monitor and improve its environmental performance. We give substance to this vision by minimizing our impact on the environment as possible through our own activities as well as by setting strict requirements for our suppliers. For our clients, too – certainly in the public sector – ISO 14001 certification is a crucial precondition when choosing suppliers. I am also extremely proud that our environmental management system complies with the ISO 14001 standard,” declares Marianne Hewlett of Atos Origin’s management team in the Netherlands, with responsibility for the Responsible Business strategy and approach. “It is really special that KEMA, the independent organisation that grants ISO 14001 certification, wants to use parts of our environmental management system as course material.”

Alfons Veldkamp, Lead Auditor at KEMA, says that he is impressed with the speed and efficiency shown by Atos Origin. “It is a special achievement to have obtained certification in just seven months. Atos Origin clearly takes its management and reduction of environmental damage seriously and also has sound experience in the implementation of management systems for quality and information security.”