Atos Origin appoints its Chief Integrator for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
Michèle Hyron to lead the integration and operation of the IT that supports the London 2012 Games.  26.11.2008

Atos Origin, an international IT services company and Worldwide IT Partner to the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, today announced the appointment of Michèle Hyron as Chief Integrator for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Michèle assumes her new role with immediate effect. She will be responsible for leading the consortium of IT partners to design, build and operate the massive, mission critical IT infrastructure and solutions that will support the London 2012 Games.

Technology is critical to the success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The infrastructure and systems designed, built and operated by Atos Origin rival that of most corporations and towns in terms of scale and complexity. The IT systems provided will process the accreditation badges for the 250,000 members of the Olympic Family; manage staffing rotas as well as delivering the results to the world in less than a second.

“Michèle’s appointment represents a major milestone in our preparations for the London 2012 Games,” said Patrick Adiba, Executive Vice President for the Olympic Games at Atos Origin. “Her commitment, determination and passion for delivery together with her extensive experience of working on Olympic and Paralympic Games projects will serve her well, as she leads the 3000 strong IT team to ensure the successful delivery of the London 2012 Games.”

“We are delighted to welcome Michèle to London,” said Gerry Pennell, CIO at LOCOG. “We look forward to working with Atos Origin and drawing on its experience and expertise to ensure the successful delivery of the London 2012 Games.”

“I am delighted to be in London and look forward to sharing my previous experience to ensure that the London 2012 Games are a success,” said Michèle Hyron, Chief Integrator at Atos Origin for the London 2012 Games. “In our role as Worldwide IT Partner Atos Origin will integrate, manage and secure the vast IT system that relays results, events and athlete information to spectators and media around the world, and will ensure that technology plays an even greater role in helping to stage the low carbon Games.”

“As the IT Partner to the Olympic Games since 2001, Atos Origin has consistently met our expectations and has delivered the IT systems and infrastructure at each Games on time and within budget,” said Jean-Benoît Gauthier, Technology Director of the International Olympic Committee. “The success of each Olympic Games relies and depends on knowledge and experience being transferred from previous Games to help keep costs down and to lower risk, so we are delighted that Michèle, who has almost 10 years of Olympic Games experience, is leading the technology team for London 2012.”

Michele will lead a team that will ramp up from eight today to several thousand during the London Games themselves. The team will include employees from Atos Origin, the technology partners, LOCOG, as well as volunteers. It will implement and protect the technical infrastructure for all competition and non-competition venues.

Between now and the opening ceremony on 27th July 2012, this combined team will deploy more than 1,000 servers, 10,000 PCs and 4,000 printers and will roll-out the latest security monitoring solution to filter and prioritise potential IT security risks to the services, ensuring the team is immediately notified and can react quickly to any unusual or unexpected activity. It will also conduct more than 200,000 hours of testing to ensure that it is prepared for as many scenarios as possible.

Michèle comes to London with almost a decade’s Olympic Games experience, having been Operations Manager at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Integration Manager at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and Quality Manager in Salt Lake City. Prior to joining the Olympic Games team, Michele worked with clients in the nuclear industry for 13 years, where she held a number of roles including Project Manager responsible for software and systems integration support for nuclear power stations.