Atos Origin awarded B+ by GRI for its first Sustainability report
Atos Origin today publishes its first Corporate Responsibility report in line with the guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - the international standard for sustainability reporting. The GRI has rated the Atos Origin 2009 report Level B+.

Fuente:    Fecha:  26.05.2010

Atos Origin awarded B+ by GRI for its first Sustainability report

“I am pleased to announce the publication of our first sustainability report demonstrating our commitment to reporting our economic, environmental and social performance. It is an important way for us to manage our impact on sustainable development and to further improve our performance in the coming years. The report shows how we are implementing sustainable best practices throughout our organisation and how we are working with our clients to help them be more sustainable”, says Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO of Atos Origin.

Sustainability at the core of the Group’s strategy

IT service providers such as Atos Origin have an important role to play by contributing to make a difference for both businesses and the environment. Within its transformation program TOP (Total Operational Performance), the group has committed to establishing sustainability at the core of its strategy and business processes. In 2009, Atos Origin delivered a number of key commitments in the business, social and environmental levels, including: • Joined the GRI - the first IT services company to do so in 2009;

• Designed a worldwide Carbon Footprint Abatement Program and submitted the results of its carbon footprint study to the Carbon Disclosure Project;

• Conducted a Carbon Audit in partnership with ADEME & O2 in France to evaluate the global carbon footprint of the Group’s largest datacenter. In 2010 the audit - a groundbreaking initiative in the IT market - is being carried out at all the Group’s major datacenters;

• Implemented a Group-wide environmental management system (EMS) (ISO 14001): 22 sites are already certified in Spain and The Netherlands and the process is being rolled out in other countries during 2010;

• Deployed sustainability policies across the Group including those on Green Travel, Waste Management, Green car Fleet and sustainable Purchasing.

Driving Clients towards Sustainability

Atos Origin has developed a scientific and technological expertise to improve the sustainability of its operations, and through its Sustainability Solutions and IT services, to help its clients to improve their own sustainability.

“Sustainability represents a major shift in business approach for the IT industry, as well as for our clients. With our Sustainability Solutions, we can help our clients maximize the opportunities that sustainability offers them and accompany them in transforming to a more sustainable organization.”

Based on its internal commitments and achievements, Atos Origin offers its customers solutions that respond to sustainability challenges. To help organisations become more sustainable, Atos Origin has developed a new portfolio of services that can be tailored to individual businesses. It includes its new Ambition Carbon Free solutions, launched in January 2010 as part of its innovative strategy, and a range of services to reach the level of sustainability excellence required. These cover the entire cycle of Sustainable business transformation, enabling organisations to address large strategic question (eg. sustainable strategy, new range of smart products) or to act on targeted areas (e.g. carbon traceability of a process, virtualisation, green data-center…), what ever is the maturity level of the company.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a network-based organization that has pioneered the development of the world's most widely used sustainability reporting framework and is committed to its continuous improvement and application worldwide.