Atos Origin coordinates the REACTION project to monitor diabetes patients remotely
Developed and managing an IT solution that makes it easier to monitor, manage and live with the condition of diabetes.

Fuente:   Fecha:  05.07.2010

Atos Origin coordinates the REACTION project to monitor diabetes patients remotely

Atos Origin is coordinating the European project, REACTION, for the remote monitoring of medical information related to diabetes patients and their treatment and health care. The strict monitoring of blood sugar levels is necessary in order to be able to administer the correct dose of insulin to each patient.

Good monitoring of glucose levels involves frequent measurement and complicated algorithms to determine the required insulin dose, depending on variations to the patient’s activity, diet and stress levels.

Atos Origin has developed an IT solution that enables healthcare professionals to monitor and manage remotely a patient’s condition and then to provide them with information they need to treat themselves. Measurement sensors that take the form of patches and that are supported by the most innovative technologies can be comfortably applied to the patient’s skin.

The sensors will be connected to various hospital systems via a wireless network and the patient’s situation will be automatically assessed using advanced mathematical models which will provide immediate instructions with regard to the insulin therapy and possible crisis situations.

Healthcare professionals will have valuable information about the effectiveness of the treatment, the patient’s response based on the continual measurement of blood glucose levels over time, and how these levels vary depending on external factors such as meals, activity and stress. This effective monitoring of the treatment and sugar levels in different situations will help to minimise risks and will substantially improve patients’ quality of life