Atos Origin first global IT provider to offer carbon neutral hosting services
Atos wants to support its clients on their journey towards more sustainable operations. Atos Origin first global IT provider to offer carbon neutral hosting services

Fuente:    Fecha:  10.03.2011

Atos Origin today announced that it will offer carbon neutral hosting services to support clients on their journey towards more sustainable operations. Clients that choose to outsource their IT infrastructure and applications to Atos Origin’s carbon neutral datacenters, will benefit from the company-wide continuous improvement program aimed at further reducing the CO2 footprint of its data centers.

Atos Origin’s carbon neutral hosting services are the result of three key actions. Firstly, addressing its Power Usage Efficiency (PUE); secondly, applying global Carbon Audit program applied to all its data centers worldwide; and thirdly, engaging The CarbonNeutral Company, recently named Best Offset Retailer by Environmental Finance, to help compensate the carbon footprint produced by its datacenters - 117,000t - CO2 through investment in a windmill turbine project in the Thar Desert, India.

Thierry Breton, chairman & CEO of Atos Origin, said: “Sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy and we are delighted to be the first global IT provider to offer fully integrated carbon neutral hosting services. We fully understand the importance of technology in reducing the carbon footprint of our own organization and those of our clients, which is why we have developed our Green IT solutions portfolio to support our clients on their journey to a more sustainable business.”

Social responsibility – windmill turbine project in India

Atos Origin has selected a windmill turbine project in the Thar Desert in India because, in addition to enabling the use of renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, the project has made a significant contribution to the local community. This contribution includes the provision of clean water supply to local villages, the facilitation of a vaccination program and the reconstruction of a village school.

The project has been validated to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the credits have been verified and registered on the Voluntary Carbon Standard registry, hosted by APX.

Transforming towards the Firm of the Future

Under the umbrella of the Firm of the Future, Atos Origin works in partnership with clients to create more sustainable business operations. Its Ambition Carbon Neutral approach supports clients in their actions to reduce their footprint and create a more sustainable IT infrastructure.

Based on four simple steps – measure, reduce, report and offset - the program includes a detailed carbon audit, a roadmap and solutions for improvements and finally a performance management dashboard to measure progress. This strategy helps clients transform to a sustainable, collaborative and adaptive organization addressing both strategic and operational levels and the supporting infrastructure.

In 2010, the Group published its first Corporate Responsibility report according to the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines and later in the year became a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).