Atos Origin launches smart mobility services and incubator
Innovations in technology will enable organisations to grow market share; improve customer relations and manage their operations more effectively.

Fuente:  Fecha: 8.07.2010

Atos Origin launches smart mobility services and incubator

Atos Origin, the international IT services company, launched a new suite of smart mobility services designed to enable organisations to exploit and benefit from the latest advances in mobile technology, improved connectivity and the increase in availability of data. It also announced the creation of an incubator that will provide small, innovative companies with access to a technology platform so that they can offer their own smart mobility services alongside those of Atos Origin.

In the next three years, smart mobility is set to revolutionise how organizations operate and communicate with their employees, customers and stakeholders. It goes beyond the applications available today via the i-store, the android marketplace and Nokia Ovi to anticipate the needs of the user and provide information that is time, location and situation specific .Importantly, it must respect the individual’s right to privacy and ensure that it is the individual that decides which information about him or herself that is shared.

Thierry Breton, CEO and Chairman of Atos Origin, said: “With mobile internet services growing at around 25 per cent each year and with 50 per cent of internet usage predicted within five years to be from mobile devices, we have launched today a new suite of services. These will make it easy and cost effective for our clients to maximise new smart mobility technology to maintain and grow market share; improve customer relations and more effectively manage their operations.

Breton continued: “As a company that is committed to innovation, I am also delighted to announce the creation of the incubator. It will provide our smart mobility partners with the support and expertise plus the market opportunities associated to a leading player, while enabling them to retain their own identity and way of working. We believe that working in collaboration with smaller businesses and industry experts is key to delivering innovative solutions that add real business value to our clients and to us.”

The smart mobility services launched today by Atos Origin are focussed on four areas: customer, citizen, employee and community. All are focussed on anticipating the needs of the user and providing tailored information.

Customer services provide information to find, for example, the nearest / best / cheapest product, shop or restaurant. Citizen services enable more cost-effective communication and working between the citizen and the state whether it be reporting and assigning a team to fix a hole in the road or capturing evidence of a crime. Employee services can potentially provide every employee in an organisation with their own virtual personal assistant and could by knowing their location, send an alert to advise the next appointment that they are running late.

Community member services enable information, photos, reviews to be shared between friends, family and peers in their various social networks in such a way that you can read all relevant content together when required.

With more than 200 specialists in mobile and context services, Atos Origin has expertise and experience in delivering components of smart mobility solutions. In the last week it has announced three new services across Europe in the banking, transport and health sectors which incorporate elements of smart mobility. These include REACTION, a European project that has developed a solution to monitor and manage the condition of diabetes remotely as well as two solutions from our Hi-Tech Transactional Services business line, whose revenue we aim to double by 2013. These two services are - a new online travel retailer in the UK and the "Appli" from Société Générale - the most comprehensive mobile banking application on the market.