Atos Origin signs the first local e-government public-private partnership contract with GIP e-Bourgogne
Atos Origin signs the first local e-government public-private partnership contract with GIP e-Bourgogne

Fuente:  Fecha: 26.11.2009

Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos Origin’s expertise in high-tech transactional services, and GIP e-Bourgogne have signed the first French public-private partnership contract for IT solutions for a duration of 10 years. Atos Worldline will ensure the development, operation, hosting and maintenance of the first local e-government platform implemented to support the public sector and private businesses in the region. Bourgogne is the first region in France to implement this project, which forms part of the French government's modernisation policy. The objective of this policy is to provide its users with paperless services, with a view to simplifying administrative procedures.

Following a conclusive experiment, GIP e-Bourgogne approached Atos Worldline with a view to industrialising and expanding its platform for shared local e-government services. Setting the standard for other regions across France and Europe, the platform offers many services, notably, the paper-free flow between local governments and the state; an electronic marketplace; website and form generators; the availability of collaborative tools; electronic archiving; electronic signatures; secure online payments and also e-learning.

“Our groundbreaking approach to e-government has just been awarded the ‘European Public Sector Award 2009’ by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)” said Louis-François Fléri, Director of GIP e-Bourgogne. “We selected Atos Worldline due to its experience in critical transaction management and its recognised expertise in managing large-scale outsourcing projects. We are confident that they will accompany us throughout the duration of the 10-year contract and the implementation of this ambitious project.”

Atos Worldline offers a complete solution covering the design, development, hosting, operation and maintenance of the platform. Atos Worldline will also support GIP e-Bourgogne in the implementation of e-learning or on-the-ground training systems, and in establishing a dedicated telephone support service for official users and businesses.

“We welcome the trust shown by GIP e-Bourgogne in ensuring the expansion of this innovative e-government project” said Gilles Grapinet, Senior Executive Vice-President of Atos Origin. “The specialised expertise of our teams and their ability to industrialise innovative technological solutions for such complex and demanding projects will allow us to support GIP e-Bourgogne in the development of new services throughout the duration of the project.”

In order to respond to the specific challenges of this project, Atos Worldline will draw on its unique expertise in the field of high-tech transactional services as applicable to the challenges of e-government, as well as its capacity for the industrial processing of high-volume sensitive data.