Atos Origin supplies real time control system for Paris drinking water plant
Monitoring the quantity, quality and safety of the drinking water supply for 2 million inhabitants in the Paris region

Fuente:   Fecha: 26.08.2010

Atos Origin supplies real time control system for Paris drinking water plant

Atos WorldGrid, an entity of Atos Origin and a provider of smart energy and natural resources, and Actemium (GTIE Infi and MCII, companies in the VINCI Energies group), have designed, produced and commissioned the new Real Time Operations system at the Neuilly-sur-Marne water plant on behalf of Syndicat des Eaux d’Ile de France (SEDIF).

This latest generation industrial monitoring system ensures the reliable production and distribution of drinking water for over 2 million inhabitants in the Paris region.

The drinking water production for Neuilly-sur-Marne, one of the biggest in Europe, has been the subject of a huge renovation programme with a budget of € 140 million over 5 years. This project relates to almost all the plant units (pre-treatment, decantation, filtration, ozonation, aqueduct bridge, pump unit, electricity supply, effluence processing, etc).

As part of this work, the renovation of the IT infrastructure aimed at guaranteeing the performance level of technology through the adaptation to needs and at producing high quality drinking water at the best possible price. Sustainability and environmental improvement are also at the heart of the project: Dehydrated ground is now assessed at 95%, and the effluent water discharged into the Marne river is now cleaner than at the point of catchment.

The Real Time Operations system delivered by Atos Origin and Actemium is the first large-scale project under the new master plan that SEDIF has developed for all its industrial IT facilities. It has allowed to validate the major points and to refine the objectives.

Capitalising on similar successful projects at the Méry-sur-Oise and Choisy-le-Roi plants, Atos Origin and Actemium have pooled their expertise to complete this large-scale work. Atos Origin first gathered and structured the professional expertise of the various operators: hydraulics experts, chemists, electricians, chief operators and control engineers. Atos Origin supplied the Digitized Control application and a new Diagnosis Aid of Facilities application. The remote monitoring and data acquisition system was produced by Actemium.