Atos Origin wins contract from French Air Force
French Air Force chooses Atos Origin as prime contractor for unified human resources administration and management information system  12.12.2008

Atos Origin has been chosen by the French Air Force as prime contractor for a major personnel management system known as Orchestra (for “Outil de Réalisation du Capital Humain STRucturel Air”, or “Structural platform for the realization of Air Force human capital”). The project entails the design, development and deployment of a single unified system based on SAP version ECC6, with functionalities covering all of the human resources and payroll applications for French Air Force military personnel. The four-year contract is valued at €9 million.

As part of a broader inter-ministerial move to revamp France’s public sector human resources information systems, the Orchestra project addresses the Air Force’s HR needs in terms of payroll management, manpower and career planning, consolidation of the restructured human resources function and support for the Air Force transformation process. Its objective is to rationalize, automate and simplify management tasks by the second half of 2009, while ensuring a seamless transition from three standalone applications to a centralized human resources information system, independent of any changes in the Air Force’s organizational structure.

As prime contractor for the project, which involves extensive organizational and functional content, Atos Origin is supporting the French Air Force in its comprehensive quality and resource pooling process. Deliverables cover all phases from development to operational deployment of the system. The systems integration project impacts more than 70,000 Air Force personnel (active and reserve, 2nd section general officers) at 40 air bases and Air Force units stationed in mainland France and French overseas dependencies.

The first step in meeting this challenge was to form a consortium capable of quickly understanding the Orchestra environment, so as to guarantee rapid response. As part of this process, the consortium will leverage Atos Origin’s extensive experience in managing human resources for the public sector, as well as its teams’ complementary technical and functional skillsets covering SAP Human Resources applications and the “NCI” interministerial core platform. A second success factor lies in the proposed solution’s methodology, applications and timetable.

“In addition to complying with the NCI’s functional and technical foundations and seamlessly integrating the Orchestra NCI solution in a global SAP environment, Atos Origin offered us a solution tailored to our project management environment,” said Lieutenant Colonel Roland Cauvin, Deputy Director of the Orchestra project. “This includes a mirror organization and joint task groups of HR and technical experts. What’s more, the deep integration and collaboration across Atos Origin and Air Force teams is guaranteeing optimal sharing of critical issues and effective knowledge transfer.”

“Within the framework of our now proven industrial model,” added Yves Montjean, Global Account Manager Atos Origin, “our solution will also enable the French Air Force to benefit from our managed operations infrastructures, our CMMI3-certified data centers for testing and our track record of successful deployment and applications maintenance for large-scale projects.”