Atos receives highest GRI rating for CR report second year in a row
The GRI A+ qualification demonstrates Atos ambition to be recognized as a European IT Leader in Sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint by 45% by 2015.

Fuente:  Fecha:  31.05.2012


Atos receives highest GRI rating for CR report second year in a row

PARIS -- Atos, an international IT services company, today publishes its third Corporate Responsibility report in line with the guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - the international standard for sustainability reporting. For the second consecutive year, the GRI has rated the Atos 2011 CSR report Level A+*. This year’s rating underlines Atos capability to quickly align new regions from the integration of Siemens IT Solutions and Services in its sustainability strategy and perform according to the highest market standard.

“I am pleased to announce that this year our corporate responsibility report achieved yet again an A+ rating by GRI. This official recognition highlights our continued and long-term commitment to place sustainability as the foundation of our corporate strategy and, based on our experience, to accompany our clients to environmental and social excellence. Our ambition is to be recognized as an innovative, and socially responsible company across all our geographies and a long-term partner for our customers”, says Philippe Mareine, EVP General Secretary, in charge of Corporate and Social Responsibility at Atos.

Key achievements

Atos three main axes in its Corporate Responsibility strategy for 2011 were: Consolidate positions in worldwide recognized sustainable rankings, embed sustainability in the company´s DNA with new corporate values, green operations and innovative client solutions; and strengthen stakeholder dialogue in order to fine-tune the global program. All challenges were met and Atos delivered a number of business, social and environmental commitments including:

* Achieved its target to reduce carbon footprint by 15% within 3 years over the period 2009-2011 with a final reduction obtained of 34,6% (2008 baseline, similar scope) and set an additional target of 30% (2011 baseline) to achieve a 45% reduction by 2015.

* Entered FTSE index and ASPI Eurozone index in recognition of its leading environmental and social practices.

* Renewed corporate support to the United Nations Global Compact to operate under universally recognized responsible business principles.

* Strengthened Social Corporate engagement and innovation with over 4000 employees participating in 265 worldwide social initiatives and EUR 2,7million invested in responsible IT projects.

* Launch of The Zero Email™ program to become a Zero Email Company by end 2013 as part of its Wellbeing@work initiative was further intensified in 2011 and contributes to positively transforming Atos way of working.

* Provided a carbon neutral hosting to all Atos clients around the world thanks to a carbon offsetting program addressing all Atos data-centers.

* Received the SAP Pinnacle award as the Sustainability Partner of the Year and promoted sustainable solutions with its clients helping them to better manage energy and carbon, and monitoring the CSR performance.

* Opened a new carbon neutral data center in Helsinki where cooling is produced with heat pumps, cold sea water and surplus thermal energy from energy generation, and the excess heat provides heating for more than 4,500 new households

* Carried out employee survey within Great Place to Work program resulted in good scores on corporate responsibility.

* Strengthened its Stakeholder Dialogue by organizing its first stakeholder dialogue at its Olympic Technology Center in London and proposing to its stakeholders to contribute to Atos CSR report: 100% of them recognized that Atos has made progress on Corporate responsibility over the last year. In addition, the company decided to rely on SAP’s Sustainability Performance Management (SuPM) application.

Be a long-term partner on sustainable journey The Group understands the role it has to play through developing solutions that allow its clients to operate in a more sustainable way which is both good for their own business and for the environment. Atos “Firm of the Future” strategy helps its clients transform to a sustainable, collaborative and adaptive organization addressing both strategic and operational levels and the supporting infrastructure.

(*)A+ is the highest level qualification from the Global Reporting Initiative requiring entire management disclosure on sustainability performance standards and assurance by a third external party.