Atos. Testing and Acceptance Management
Since 2002 the responsibility for designing, integrating, testing, managing and securing the multiple IT systems used during an Olympic & Paralympic Games has been in the hands of Atos. Our Testing and Acceptance Management Services deliver confidence in consistent results from one Games to the next.


Business issue

How can you constantly evolve your business critical systems while never compromising on system availability?

For the Olympic Games

With billions of people watching the games, system failures are not an option. Atos, under the direction of the London 2012 Technology Department, brings its personal best to the Olympic Games through massive testing of all IT systems under every scenario. It allows a multitude of best-of-breed technology partners, suppliers and applications to work together seamlessly for a perfect performance.

For you

Your business-critical systems must evolve constantly as you seek to reduce operational costs and increase competitive differentiation. What must never change is your total confidence in their interoperability. At Atos, the focus and value of our Testing and Acceptance Management services are enhanced by industry-specific knowledge. Which allows us to keep complex, evolving systems like yours performing to the highest standards.