BACB deploys IBM risk analytics software on its trade finance activities
British Arab Commercial Bank is using IBM Business Analytics software to automate its trade finance loan decisions, while simultaneously improving its liquidity oversight and risk assessments

Fuente:  Fecha: 14.10.2011

With the new real-time solution the London-based British Arab Commercial Bank has eliminated its previous reliance on unwieldy spreadsheets and can now review credit worthiness and process loans and other trade transactions while complying with all relevant regulations concerning its capital requirements and so forth.

BACB is using IBM's analytics software to visualise its current assets, liabilities and commitments and compare them against ‘what if' scenarios, to make crucial business and strategic decisions for the future. On a more granular level the software gives the commercial bank a deeper insight into each individual customer's profitability and loyalty by producing a credit risk report on each proposal or prospect. High risk customers should also be flagged up as the business cycle changes enabling the bank to take action and minimise its exposure quickly. Built-in email alerts should ensure that BACB staff can identify any problems quickly rather than having to review detailed underlying reports.

The London-based wholesale bank specialises in providing trade and project finance for Arab markets in the Mediterranean region and Arabian Gulf, helping exporters and contractors to uncover business opportunities in these markets.

"IBM's analytics software has helped reduce the bank's exposure to risk by eliminating its dependency on spreadsheets which were previously subject to inconsistent data due to human error," said Crispian Denby, chief financial officer at BACB. "Our confidence in the accuracy of our information has led to faster, more responsive decision-making which will ultimately help us maintain our position in the Arab trade and project finance market."