CA Technologies and Capgemini in BPO partnership
The partnership is to offer global energy, carbon and sustainability outsourced managed service

Fuente:   Fecha:  10.02.2011

CA Technologies and Capgemini in BPO partnership

CA Technologies and Capgemini today announced a partnership to establish a global Energy, Carbon and Sustainability Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service. The partnership, which brings together the expertise of Capgemini’s Business Process Outsourcing Business Unit and CA Technologies’ CA ecoSoftware solution, will help customers better manage complex sustainability data collection and increasingly challenging reporting demands, enabling them to focus on sustainability strategy and carbon reduction activities.

“The global alliance between CA Technologies and Capgemini is among the first of its type for energy, carbon and sustainability management services,” said Stuart Neumann, senior manager at Verdantix. “Capgemini’s reputation for business process outsourcing is well-suited to complement CA ecoSoftware, which Verdantix recently identified as a leading solution in the carbon and energy management software market. This alliance between CA Technologies and Capgemini delivers a strong sustainability management capability to the market.”

The managed service will provide customers with ‘actionable insight’ into their level of sustainability, which will help support and accelerate achieving their environmental objectives. Internally, Capgemini UK already is benefitting from this new BPO service to manage its energy and sustainability data. Historically, spreadsheets were used to collect and manage data. But the increasing complexity of data requirements, multiple reporting and the need to provide different levels of user access meant that a new auditable software solution was required. The new managed service – powered by CA ecoSoftware – captures all energy and carbon data and provides web-based reports to the UK Sustainability Board and operational dashboards to the Environmental team. It is estimated that this service will reduce sustainability operating costs by 30 percent while providing improved data quality.

Tony Kelly, New Business Services Director at Capgemini BPO said, “Capgemini has always embraced innovation in its BPO services development and we are finding our clients’ back office needs increasingly include Sustainability Data Management and Reporting. So a new managed service is a logical extension of our strength in Finance and Accounting and Supply Chain Services BPO. Capgemini selected the CA ecoSoftware solution because it can meet the needs and scale of our global enterprise clients.”

“Forward thinking organisations like Capgemini not only demand smart, efficient solutions for measuring and reporting energy and carbon data, but also realize they can benefit from significant cost savings and focus more on improving their sustainability performance and less on managing data,” said Sonny Masero, VP Sustainability EMEA at CA Technologies, CA ecoSoftware. “Together with Capgemini, we are delivering this new energy, carbon and sustainability outsourced managed service to give customers the freedom to clearly focus on their sustainability strategy and carbon reduction.”

CA ecoSoftware works by providing accurate, auditable sustainability data to meet the needs of global client operations. By providing insight into sustainability operations data, organizations are better equipped to comply with regional regulation and to increase operational efficiency. This helps enterprises reduce carbon emissions, manage natural resource consumption, cut energy costs and deliver on environmental goals. Through bundling the CA ecoSoftware solution with Capgemini’s managed BPO service, customers gain an informed position on their sustainability via a cost effective managed business process delivery model.