Capgemini achieves SAP certification as cloud services provider
As an SAP-certified provider of cloud services, Capgemini delivers support to clients for rapid and secure deployment of SAP applications in the cloud.

Fuente:  Fecha: 16.08.2010

Capgemini achieves SAP certification as cloud services provider

Capgemini US LLC (Capgemini), a subsidiary of the Capgemini Group, said it is one of the first vendors to receive certification from SAP AG of its capabilities to deliver and manage SAP applications via Capgemini's cloud delivery platform. As part of the certification, Capgemini's clients will now have access to technical support and other benefits from SAP for applications hosted in the cloud.

Capgemini's cloud delivery platform in support of SAP applications gives clients access to templates for rapid development and secure deployment, while improving the cost structure of application management by closely aligning cost with usage. Capgemini's cloud services enable the delivery of a suite of industry vertical platform-as-a-service offerings, as well as applications from SAP, such as SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) and SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM).

"Receiving this certification from SAP helps us show clients how they can use cloud solutions to develop more flexible services, contain costs and accelerate innovation," said Lanny Cohen, chief executive officer, Capgemini US LLC. "Too often technology leaders in both the private and public sector feel lost when trying to grasp how to take advantage of the shared and scalable resources of the technology cloud. Our collaboration with top technology providers such as SAP help us make the journey to the cloud well-defined, secure and in alignment with the needs of our end-users."

Capgemini has helped clients such as Seahawk Drilling, Inc., a leading offshore drilling contractor, improve the scalability of their applications, improve service levels and make costs more predictable. Instead of sizing capacity based on the peak usage period, Capgemini's cloud delivery platform can be scaled up and down in correlation with the current usage needs. The flexibility of these cloud services allows Capgemini to rapidly add computing resources to a client's landscape as required.

"At Seahawk we are committed to managing our applications in a manner that allows for continuous improvement and cost flexibility," said John Varkey, vice president of Information Technology, Seahawk Drilling, Inc. "The flexibility of the cloud environment developed by Capgemini, and Capgemini's cloud services certified by SAP allows us to build on this commitment to providing high-quality and cost-effective applications to end-users within the company."

To achieve this certification from SAP, Capgemini's cloud infrastructure went through extensive testing by SAP to validate that it is robust enough to host mission-critical SAP applications. This included assessment of Capgemini's infrastructure, processes and technical staff. The audit also included a technical review of the physical and logical security processes supporting Capgemini's solution, as well as its portal and underlying infrastructure, including servers, software and storage capabilities.

"SAP customers can benefit from comprehensive and innovative service offerings from SAP-certified providers of cloud services, such as Capgemini," said Michael Ressemann, global head of Outsourcing Services and Solution Delivery, SAP AG. "Cloud-based delivery of SAP solutions will enable secure, reliable access to essential business applications by end users, having a positive impact on how enterprise applications are delivered, consumed and managed."