Capgemini Consulting makes strategic focus on digital transformation
Capgemini Consulting has signed a three-year joint research collaboration with the MIT Center for Digital Business to conduct joint research study into digital transformation.

Fuente:   Fecha:  09.03.2011

Capgemini Consulting makes strategic focus on digital transformation

Capgemini Consulting, the global strategy and transformation consulting brand of the Capgemini Group, has announced a major strategic focus on digital transformation. While the impact of digitization is not new, Capgemini Consulting believes that the digital economy is entering a new age. In addition to its early impact on customer experience and channels, digital technologies now have a pervasive influence on all areas of the corporation, from delivering enhanced productivity and efficiency in the core operations to substantial improvement in the way people interact and collaborate within an organization.

Capgemini Consulting believes that this unprecedented change will present new transformation challenges for CEOs regardless of industries and geographical locations. To understand in depth the profound impact of these shifts, Capgemini Consulting is partnering with the MIT Center for Digital Business to anchor its strategy in new research in order to gain “best practice” perspectives on the state of digital transformation in organizations around the world.

Pierre-Yves Cros, CEO of Capgemini Consulting, said: “Digital Transformation goes well beyond technology. It is about the impact that digitization is having on the business, from strategy to people to operations. This is also about a new transformation agenda for companies: making customer experiences coherent within the multitude of channels now available. It’s about making better and smarter decisions based on an ever-increasing flow of data, creating open enterprises with strong links to customers and suppliers, encouraging stronger collaboration across often geographically disparate units, as well as managing these new technologies within the existing infrastructure of the corporation.”

Capgemini Consulting will also expand its current global network of over 3,600 expert consultants across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East by hiring up to 1,000 additional consultants in 2011.

In a three-year joint research collaboration with the MIT Center for Digital Business, Capgemini Consulting will conduct a joint research study into digital transformation through interviews with C-level executives from 30 of the world’s leading companies in sectors such as financial services, life sciences, retail and government. The study will examine how companies around the world are managing and benefiting from digital transformation and the processes and best practices involved, providing Capgemini Consulting with detailed market insights to inform its experts and ultimately its clients.

“The new digital economy is increasingly shaping the way we do business and digital technology is going to drive even more change in the future,” said Andy McAfee, Principal Research Scientist at MIT. “However, the extent of this digital transformation varies across companies, regions, and even within companies. Together with Capgemini Consulting, by studying companies as they currently work, we plan to gain a perspective on the state of digital transformation, the process of transformation, and how they can position themselves to benefit in the future.”