Capgemini Consulting to offer services for building 2.0 enterprises
Capgemini Consulting is currently running blueKiwi internally, which will become the central hub of the new offerings.

Fuente:    Fecha:  04.02.2010

Capgemini Consulting to offer services for building 2.0 enterprises

Capgemini Consulting and blueKiwi Software, a provider of enterprise social software, have announced that they will work together to help major companies use professional social networks to accelerate the transformation of their organizations. As businesses everywhere feel the increasing effects of globalization, coupled with the worldwide economic downturn, this collaboration will help companies achieve the benefits of enterprise social software, from increased collaboration across organizations and geographical boundaries to better interaction with customers, partners and suppliers.

Social networks are becoming an increasingly significant business driver for companies.

• A survey of large European companies conducted by Dynamic Markets (UK-based independent market research consultancy) on behalf of AT&T found that 74% of those surveyed think there are benefits from the use of social networks and online communities.

• The market is still at an early stage in its potential, but according to estimates from leading analyst firm Gartner, worldwide enterprise social software revenue will grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 30.6% between 2007-2012.

This collaboration brings together the broad management consulting capability of Capgemini Consulting with the deep enterprise social software expertise of blueKiwi. For Capgemini Consulting, it underpins the company’s mission to explore innovative ways to help clients create business value and to use technology to accelerate their transformation. These include such high-tech methodologies as Accelerated Solution Environments (ASE) the use of visualization techniques (3D design in particular); and rapid innovation centres, which are used to accelerate the redesign of businesses by challenging clients with business scenarios in real-time.

"In a downturn, organizations should not only focus on short-term crisis response, but also how they can emerge from the downturn stronger and well-prepared for when the economic climate improves. The current rise of web 2.0 based business applications offers an historic opportunity for innovative companies to re-engineer the way they work. We will work with our clients to help them deliver significant transformational change from the use of social networks," said Pierre-Yves Cros, Global head of Capgemini Consulting. "We will also use this approach to drive change in the consulting industry and the traditional consulting role – making much greater use of technology, opening up the consulting profession to more diverse profiles, and using opensource ‘ecosystems’ to find the best expertise for clients."

Capgemini Consulting is currently running blueKiwi internally, which will become the central hub of the entity, extending a network of collaboration across and outside the organization. Networking in this innovative way will allow Capgemini Consulting to unearth the best expertise and ideas for its clients through virtual communities and provide a stimulating environment for the best talents.

"By employing our enterprise social software expertise with Capgemini Consulting’s trusted leadership in organizational transformation, we are better able to meet the changing needs of our clients. Together we can help companies move toward a new enterprise that can achieve success even in these changing times", said Carlos Diaz, CEO and co-founder of blueKiwi Software.