Capgemini expands delivery capacity in Latin America
Latin America footprint offers broader range of BPO services to better serve clients globally.

Fuente:  Fecha: 11.10.2010

Capgemini expands delivery capacity in Latin America

Capgemini said it is growing its BPO footprint in Latin America with the expansion of its delivery centres in Chile, Brazil and Guatemala.

The centres currently employ 1,500 Business Process Offering (BPO) specialists, with capacity for more than 2,000 employees and additional room for expansion. In addition, Capgemini is increasing the scope of its BPO services in the region to include a range of finance and accounting, procurement services and customer operations management solutions. The centres currently service 5 prominent North American and global clients, including Unilever, Coca Cola Enterprises and International Paper.

Capgemini’s Latin America delivery network is comprised of new centres in the Campinas region of Sao Paulo, Gaspar City in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, and in Guatemala City, Guatemala, as well as existing centres in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo and Agua Branca, Brazil; and Santiago, Chile. All seven centres are part of Capgemini’s Rightshore delivery model, which leverages a global delivery model to place processes, services and/or functions in the best locations around the world, tailored and coordinated to meet clients’ specific business goals.

“Horses for Sources Research is constantly showing how valuable Latin American resources are becoming for augmenting both IT and business processes within a global sourcing environment,” said Phil Fersht, chief executive officer and head of research, Horses for Sources. “Capgemini's strategy of investing in delivery centres in the region presents a compelling global delivery capability, based on a network of proven locations where educated and multilingual talent are readily available to support clients."

Latin America centres are attractive to clients with operations and customers in North and South America due to the close proximity and time zone compatibility for clients in North America, in addition to Spanish and Portuguese language capabilities for Latin America and other global clients. Specifically, Capgemini’s centre in Guatemala provides customer service and collections capabilities, as well as a full range of Finance & Accounting services for clients looking for English- and Spanish-speaking language capabilities. In addition to providing F&A services, Capgemini’s centres in Chile and Brazil are also able to provide Tax, Audit Control and Compliance (Sarbanes Oxley) services for English-, Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking clients.

“With the establishment of our Latin American centres, Capgemini continues to expand its global delivery capabilities, with the potential for more than 2,000 seats in the region,” said David Poole, vice president and head of Americas Business Process Outsourcing, Capgemini. “We’re leveraging Capgemini’s unique approach, which utilizes business insight methods and solutions, combined with our deep knowledge of the F&A market, to service our clients including several multinational businesses, allowing us to drive efficiencies and yield significant cost savings for our clients’ businesses.”