Capgemini helps transform IT for Britain’s gas hub
Significant IT replacement programme to transform information provision capability at xoserve.

Fuente:     Fecha:  07.01.2010

Capgemini helps transform IT for Britain’s gas hub

A major redesign of IT systems at xoserve, the company which manages the commercial links between gas suppliers, transporters, and all 22 million UK gas customers, is underway following collaboration with Capgemini UK plc. The engagement has provided xoserve with the foundation for a transformation of information capabilities.

Information held and processed by xoserve is at the heart of Britain’s deregulated gas industry, providing the data which enables companies in the industry to bill one another as gas moves through the UK supply chain. It also manages one of the largest customer databases in the UK, with 2 terabytes of data relating to the 22 million domestic, commercial and industrial gas supply points in Britain.

Once established, the new information capabilities will benefit organisations throughout the UK gas supply chain, including generators, importers, shippers, gas supply companies and meter operators as well as Ofgem (the gas and electricity regulator) and domestic, commercial and industrial end-users of gas.

Steve Adcock, Head of Project Delivery at xoserve, said: “Capgemini has helped us create our vision and build our internal capability. With their help we are now able to implement a modern, cost-effective information capability, with new IT practices and systems, and better utilisation of data. As a result we are set to gain improved flexibility to enable us to meet future challenges.”

The Project involves the replacement of a legacy IT system, inherited from the company’s predecessors when xoserve was created four years ago, with a completely new system based on Oracle and Business Objects. The Capgemini team, based at xoserve’s offices in Solihull, worked with the xoserve team during the initial phase of the project, which included a comprehensive assessment of xoserve’s information requirements and existing capabilities, a detailed strategic plan for its future systems.

Capgemini also assisted with the development of a new business intelligence centre at xoserve, known as the Information Provision Capability Centre, and worked closely with xoserve management on knowledge transfer to give xoserve staff a high degree of self-sufficiency in working with the new system.

Bob Booth, Account Director at Capgemini UK, said: “I am delighted that we were chosen to work on this key project. xoserve is the hub of Britain’s gas industry and it is essentially an information business, so maximising the efficiency of the way it manages that information is crucial to its core mission.”