Capgemini's Hermelin voted Best CEO in Extel 2011 Pan European Awards
Capgemini Group CEO Paul Hermelin has been nominated ‘Best CEO for Investor Relations’ within the ‘Software and IT Services’ sector at the Extel 2011 Pan-European Awards, published by Thomson-Reuters.

Fuente:   Fecha:  20.07.2011

Capgemini's  Hermelin voted Best CEO in Extel 2011 Pan European Awards

The long-established Thomson Reuters Extel Pan European Awards 2011 demonstrate excellence across numerous sectors across Europe, with this year over 10,000 people - mainly buyside firms and analysts - participating in the votes. Award winners are judged to be “best in class” in command of their industry, analytical rigor, and dedicated to client service. The Awards are highly coveted within the investment community as they represent the unequivocal, independent endorsement of each winner’s audience and customers.

Extel has a long history. The Exchange Telegraph Company was founded in 1872, with the goal of laying the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic to connect London with New York. In its first 100 years, the company was one of the major financial and business news agencies, before in 2000 becoming part of the Thomson Reuters Group. The Extel survey which began in 1974 previously only recognized fund managers but since has been extended to CEOs, CFOs, companies and Investor Relations.