Capgemini to offer cloud computing services
Capgemini creates new global Infostructure Transformation Services unit to accelerate clients’ ability to drive sustainable cost reduction, and access the benefits of cloud computing and services

Fuente:  Fecha: 11.03.2010

Capgemini to offer cloud computing services

Capgemini Group - together with Sogeti (Capgemini Group subsidiary) - announced the launch of a new suite of services that will help clients realize the business benefits of cloud computing and services.

Infostructure Transformation Services enables organizations to re-engineer their IT infrastructure and deliver immediate, sustainable cost reductions, and enable the shift to creating an "Infostructure". This will help them to position themselves to exploit the new consumption based, commercial models of cloud computing and cost-effectively create differentiation through the emergent cloud services environment which radically changes the way organizations assemble solutions. Four distinct offerings within Infostructure Transformation Services will help companies on their journey towards the cloud; these include data center optimization and consolidation, virtualization, unified communications and cloud-based solutions. This broad offering will draw on expertise from right across Capgemini’s technology services, Sogeti, consulting and outsourcing business groups.

The journey to the cloud is a business-led conversation, typically starting with aligning business models and drivers with the technology roadmap. Infostructure Transformation Services takes this from business case through design and architecture to implementation and utility run. Capgemini has developed processes and methodologies to help clients with the journey—first from physical to virtual, and then into cloud; all the while moving from the traditional world of system integration, into the new world of services assembly.

As well as delivering sustainable cost-reduction and creating more opportunities in terms of cloud services, Infostructure Transformation Services will also create a considerable impact to clients’ carbon footprint. All four offerings create considerable optimization and hardware savings, while any services outsourced to Capgemini will benefit from operating within its new world-class green datacenters.

The creation of Infostructure Transformation Services represents the fourth stage of Capgemini’s major growth initiative, part of its ‘Business as Unusual’ plan which was unveiled on November 5, 2009. It was launched with a major investment in the Group’s Business Information Management capability, followed by the announcement of new global Application Lifecycle Services and the launch of an updated Testing Services offering. Through this series of strategic offerings, Capgemini aims to generate €800 million of additional bookings in 2010.