Cleveland Police goes mobile with Steria
Steria has signed a new contract with Cleveland Police to deliver mobile working solutions across the entire force of 1,400 police officers

The €9.8 million (£7.9 million) Project CUPID (Cleveland Universal Police Information Device), to be delivered in partnership with Beat Systems Limited, will allow Cleveland Police to access and input information in the field, enhancing intelligence-led policing and letting officers to spend more time on the beat.

Project CUPID goes live in December 2008, providing all operational officers with the ability to query and submit data remotely. Accessing information at the point of need will dramatically improve the effectiveness and speed with which Cleveland Police can react, while reducing paperwork will allow officers to spend more time in the community preventing and detecting crime and bringing offenders to justice.

As mobile working becomes increasingly important for police forces across the country, Steria will help Cleveland Police to deliver against the requirements of the recent Policing Green Paper.

The initiative is at the heart of Cleveland Police's Putting People First strategy. "Both Cleveland Police Authority and the Force are dedicated to investing in and supporting our staff with the skills and equipment they need to deliver the professionalism that the public deserves", commented Chief constable Sean Price of Cleveland Police. "Our partnership with Steria will ensure that Cleveland Police remains at the forefront of modern policing and crime fighting."

Through the Steria project, officers will be able to access back office systems and processes over a mobile device. Forms will enable Cleveland Police to search and update over multiple databases including Police National Computer (PNC), Command and Control, DVLA and their Records Management System, while the crime and intelligence process enables the submission of intelligence logs, warrant logs, crime logs and tasking all while on the beat.

"Mobile working will be a significant factor in changing the way policing is carried out in the future", said Paul Sellick, Director of Public Authorities Group at Steria. "We are excited to be helping Cleveland Police ensure the provision of a more efficient and effective service for the citizens of Cleveland."