Customer Story: A Differentiator for Global Outsourcing
Transformational BPO depends on a service provider’s ability to analyze, visualize and act on client data. GoodData enables Capgemini to offer this actionable visibility and transformation to its BPO clients.” Ian Barkin, Director, Capgemini Supply Chain BPO

Fuente:    Fecha:   08.04.2011

Capgemini needs a fast, reliable and flexible way to measure SLAs for existing clients and to better communicate its commitment to improving value and savings to any prospective organization. Capgemini’s expertise lies in optimizing business processes and adding value to a client’s bottom line. Pressure to improve operations quickly without typical BI implementation challenges led Capgemini to GoodData. The goal was to enable a hassle-free SLA executive dashboard that does not require use of Excel spreadsheets or advanced technical experience. Within two months, GoodData enabled Capgemini to provide its clients with SLA at-a-glance reporting with the ability to dig down into the underlying drivers of the SLA performance.

Capgemini’s Challenge

  • Automate the processes of tracking and communicating the current status of a SLAs to clients.
  • Flexibility to easily report, analyze and manage the sourcing strategy based on unique requirements without having to rebuild a new BI system for each client SLA
  • Provide a quick way for every client to monitor the overall health of a project whenever the client sees fit

GoodData’s Solution

  • GoodData provides the transparency into the numbers by automatically updating SLA dashboards on a weekly basis with the most current data
  • Additional dashboards and modifications require only simple configuration. New client dashboards now take a few days to complete
  • On-demand SLA dashboards empower Capgemini’s clients to track, analyze and trend every service level