Deloitte announces 10-year sponsorship agreement with Canada Games
This month marks the first Canada Games in which Deloitte will be involved.

Fuente:   Fecha: 17.02.2011

Deloitte announces 10-year sponsorship agreement with Canada Games

Deloitte has signed a 10-year sponsorship agreement with the Canada Games. Over this period, the Games will travel to five Canadian cities, hosting thousands of young athletes, their families and countless supporters.

The Halifax 2011 Canada Games are currently underway until February 27. Halifax, the largest city to host the winter Games to date, will feature 19 sports with competitors from over 800 communities nationwide. The Canada Games provide the opportunity for young athletes to represent their province or territory, competing against Canada's elite members of the sporting community.

"We are very excited to support excellence in Canadian amateur sport. Deloitte's commitment to the Canada Games allows us to work with the organizers to elevate their work to enhance the experience of everyone involved," says Shannon MacDonald, Managing Partner Atlantic and lead partner for the Canada Games sponsorship. "Through our sponsorship, we are privileged to help enable young athletes to realize their potential."

Over the 10 years of the agreement, Deloitte will provide a range of services to the Games, including financial review, audit, consulting, and analysis of opportunities for sustainable development. Deloitte's proficiency in these fields will lend significant value to the Canada Games. The ongoing collaboration will allow for efficient and successful Games delivery and execution. Deloitte will also work with the Games to establish new bid standards, ensuring that current issues such as sustainability are considered with utmost importance and evaluated for their potential.

"The Canada Games are thrilled to count Deloitte as a long-term sponsor," says Tom Quinn, Chair of the Canada Games Council. "Thanks to this collaboration, Halifax and the next four Host Societies will benefit from the solid leadership and skill that Deloitte representatives bring to the table."

Many renowned athletes such as Sidney Crosby, Steve Nash and Catriona Le May Doan have participated in the Canada Games, where passion and skills are on display. Deloitte is pleased to be associated with this influential sporting event.