Deloitte: Apps from global brands not such a hit with smartphone users
Less than 1% of apps published by global consumer and healthcare brands were downloaded more than a million times.

Fuente:  Fecha:  13.07.2011

Deloitte: Apps from global brands not such a hit with smartphone users

Deloitte, the business advisory firm, predicts that brands will find it even more challenging to ensure their mobile applications (apps) stand out to consumers. Deloitte’s research found that less than 1% of apps published by a selection of global consumer and healthcare brands were downloaded more than a million times and only 20% of the apps were downloaded enough times to appear in Deloitte’s analysis (more than a 1,000 times). The rapid proliferation of apps has lead to increasingly discerning consumers, as app stores become more popular and users become more mature.

Deloitte's research into mobile consumption found huge appetite for apps with 45% of smartphone users downloading an app at least once a week.*

Deloitte’s analysis shows that the most effective way to cut through the crowded apps market is to make best use of the smartphone technology.

Apps that used the following functions were far more likely to be downloaded:

• Portability– 81%

• Accelerometer – 77%

• Sophisticated touch screen use – 61%

• Location-based services – 61%

• Camera – 59%

Howard Davies, Deloitte media partner said: “The app market has some way to go before it rivals TV or the web for penetration, but it is of growing importance for brands. Brands view apps as a golden opportunity to communicate directly with consumers and in a more meaningful, long term manner. When brands get it right, the returns can be huge.”

Emergence of location data and targeted advertising

The integration of app functionality and platform features will dominate the next phase of app development by advertisers and brands.

Howard Davies concludes: “Location data is important for the evolution of the app market. If data gathered locally could be exchanged with data from the cloud, whether about location, environment and motion or specific to that individual, then targeted advertising could be developed and this would help brands to make money from their apps.

“Consumers need to see the benefits of receiving more personalised advertising on their smartphones, devices that have previously been advert free. They also need to consent to let their personal data to be used in this manner. Likewise, brands need to co-operate with traditional advertising vendors, companies with similar ambitions in other industries or even competitors. At the moment the feed of data from handsets to media planners is still inconsistent across operators and platforms and as a result, difficult to use on any scale by advertisers. This will need to be resolved in order for brands to make the most from apps.”

The cost of developing for different platforms

Deciding which platform to place your app on is important, the synergies generated by developing apps for multiple platforms are relatively insignificant. Deloitte estimates that the cost of developing the same application for two platforms is 160% of the cost of developing for one.

* Deloitte’s “Addicted to Connectivity” survey of 31,000 global mobile users.