Deloitte Australia sets its sights on growth.
Partner promotions increase by 25%. Deloitte Australia sets its sights on growth.

Fuente:   Fecha:  01.06.2011

Deloitte Australia announced will promote 46 new partners effective 1 July 2011. Coupled with the 29 partners added during the year through acquisition, and a further 27 experienced lateral hires, there will be 102 new Deloitte partners by 1 July – an increase of almost 25% on the previous year.

Giam Swiegers Deloitte CEO commented: “By 1 July the Deloitte partnership will have grown to 512 partners and more than 5,500 staff members. This is a significant increase from our position 18 months ago.

“It is an investment that clearly demonstrates our confidence in the Australian economy, and our own 2015 strategy to grow our firm,” he said.

“We’ve had a year of tremendous momentum, with teams of the calibre of Access Economics and infrastructure advisers SAHA Australia joining us; information security advisers from Agreon; a significant audit team to our West Australian office; and private company specialists in South Australia, Tasmania and North West Sydney joining our Deloitte Private practice. “Our continued focus on attracting talent to the firm has also contributed to a record 40,000 applications this year, a 95% increase in lateral hires and a 50% increase in graduate hires.”

Deloitte Chairman Wayne Goss said: “Deloitte has transformed itself over the last five years. It has built a successful and different firm that enables its clients and gives them a more diverse portfolio than its competitors. We also have been able to offer our people every opportunity for career options that are challenging and different.”


All geographies featured strongly in the new partner promotions recognising both the opportunities and risks of the two tier economy.

“The Federal Budget highlighted the conflicting trends happening across the economy with the resource sector performing strongly. With almost a third of our new partners from Brisbane and Perth, our strategy reflects this growth in the wider economy,” said Swiegers.

“With the need to develop competitive strategies and best practice execution, the biggest cohort of promotions came from our consulting practice. Deloitte has the largest consulting practice in the country and I am confident it will continue to see strong growth in the year ahead.

“As a firm we anticipate a solid 13% revenue growth this year and would hope to better that next year,” said Swiegers.

Women also featured strongly in this year’s round of promotions. They make up 24% of the promotions - a point of personal pride for Swiegers. For the tenth consecutive year Deloitte was recognised in 2011 as an Employer of Choice for Women by the EOWA.

“Whilst we are making great progress and are determined to maintain Deloitte’s leadership role in the business community as the best employer of women, there is still much to be done,” Swiegers said.