Deloitte lauded with two more Australian Business Awards
Professional services firm Deloitte has been recognised again as industry leader in marketing excellence and community contribution, winning two 2012 Australian Business Awards.




Deloitte lauded with two more Australian Business Awards

The awards cover corporate, government and non-profit organisations across key industry segments, including financial, manufacturing, professional services, energy, telecommunications, construction, transport, healthcare, education, food services and retail.

Deloitte was acknowledged for:

• Marketing excellence – the What’s your Deloitte Green Dot t-shirt campaign

• Community contribution – the IMPACT Day initiative

Deloitte was also a marketing excellence winner in 2011.

Deloitte Chief Marketing Officer, David Redhill, said the awards reflected the substantial investment the firm made in both its marketing activities and, importantly, its contribution to community initiatives.

“Deloitte has always believed in the power of effective marketing as a critical differentiator,” Mr Redhill said. “Relatively speaking, we don’t have big marketing budgets, but we have learned to do a lot with the strength of our ideas and the almost unlimited possibilities offered by new technologies.

Mr Redhill said The Australian Business Awards also acknowledged the ongoing success of Deloitte’s vision of a ‘fun culture with serious intent.

What’s your Deloitte

“Our six-month What’s your Deloitte brand engagement campaign was centred on the Green Dot, the most recognisable component of our brand.

“We launched the campaign in September 2011by asking every one of our 5700 employees to think about what Deloitte meant to them on a personal level.

“We asked our people how they might use the Green Dot in a t-shirt design using the principle – ‘if you can get your people inside the brand, you’ll get the brand inside people. Over 600 diverse and inspiring designs were received and, after narrowing them down, we asked the firm to nominate their favourites.

“The top ten were produced and the Green Dot t-shirt was born – given for free to our people and their families and partners as a cool and fashionable piece of recreational apparel that acted as both conversation starter and walking billboard.”


Mr Redhill said businesses were often defined for what they did in terms of supporting the communities in which they operated.

“Supported very much from the top down, our annual IMPACT Day initiative saw more than 3000 Deloittians fan out across the country on 12 November 2011, substituting pens for shovels and laptops for wheelbarrows, and delivering over 24,000 volunteer hours across more than 200 community-based events around the country.

“In addition to the very clear community benefit, IMPACT Day also provided a great opportunity for our people to connect with each other.”

Congratulating Deloitte, Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director, The Australian Business Awards said: “These types of accolades don’t come easily – they are underpinned by vision and leadership, both of which require a clear dedication to research and development.

“Despite a challenging business environment locally and abroad, this year’s participants in The Australian Business Awards remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation and excellence,” Ms Johnston said.

“We’re proud to promote the models of business and product excellence in addition to highlighting contributions to the community and sustainability initiatives with these leading organisations and to publicly honour their achievements.

“There was unparalleled breadth and depth in this year’s entries, highlighting the economic stability of Australia and stamping it as the ‘clever country’ for progressive projects, investment, enterprise ventures and workplace practices. Across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, the 2012 winners of The Australian Business Awards are innovative, agile and truly ‘best in class’.”