Deloitte launches Idea Labs, delivering new research on key business challenges
Five Fellows offer insights on tax, budgeting, valuation, ethics and IFRS

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Deloitte LLP has announced its Idea Labs and the work of five Fellows who have researched key business challenges in order to provide unique insights and actionable strategies for clients. By delivering cutting-edge thought leadership from across the firm's business areas, the Fellows have developed new findings and solutions on key topics relevant to the marketplace.

"Deloitte's investment in this intensive research program and the five Fellows demonstrates our commitment to providing clients cutting-edge, thought leadership that anticipates future marketplace issues and offers actionable solutions for their business needs," said Greg Durant, vice chairman and Northeast regional managing partner, Deloitte LLP.

The Idea Labs' Fellows are subject matter specialists with a fresh perspective on pressing business challenges related to indirect tax, capital budgeting, valuation and risk management, ethical behavior in the workplace and judgment frameworks.

"Deloitte Idea Labs provide the structure, support, training and mentorship to enable these partners, principals, and directors to turn ideas they are passionate about into reality. Personal devotion from each Fellow was critical for their research to come to fruition," said Ami Kaplan, Northeast deputy managing partner, Deloitte LLP. "We are very proud of all the Fellows and the incredible research they have generated through this program."

About the Fellows and their research:

Indirect Tax
Scott Shafer is a Tax Principal in Deloitte Tax LLP and the head of the Tax Management Services Practice. Available now, his report "Looking for Cash: Tap the Indirect Tax Opportunity" focuses on indirect tax as an area where CFOs are looking to recover large sums of cash through possible refunds of overpayment of value-added tax, sales tax and use tax. Through his research and recent client work on indirect sales tax, Scott estimates an average of 10 percent of transaction taxes paid are recoverable.

Anticipated this Fall, Scott will issue the second part of his Idea Labs research that will examine "Synchronizing Tax with Business Strategy" and the factors that might help companies lower their effective tax rate while executing their business strategy.

Capital Budgeting
Charles Alsdorf is a Director in Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. Available now are his two research reports about capital budgeting. "Capital Budgeting in the Downturn: Four Disciplines" examines how CFOs and budget directors can rebalance their portfolio of projects and manage the cash needs of the moment. "Improving Capital Budgeting: Five Practices" outlines how to improve the capital budgeting process and realize sustained value for years to come. The overall goal of both reports is to help better align cash flows and capital outlays to corporate strategy.

Due later this Summer, Charles will release specific capital budgeting research for the Life Sciences and Health Care industries.

Valuation and Risk Management
Alexey Surkov is an Audit and Enterprise Risk Services (AERS) Partner in Deloitte LLP. Available in September, his research "Beyond Market Failure: Valuation and Risk Management in the Post Credit Crisis World" addresses how companies need to add independent pricing verification and implement a model governance structure as a result of the challenges of valuing financial instruments in the current economy.

Ethical Behavior in the Workplace
Tim Lupfer is a Consulting Director in Deloitte Consulting LLP. His research will build on advances in the studies of ethics, psychology, and cognition to explore what makes people depart from ethical behaviors and ways of moderating this risk. Tim's research will help to determine ways to positively influence ethical behavior and mitigate the risk of non-ethical behavior. Planned for late August, this research will help CEOs, CFOs, and executive boards to create and sustain an ethical business environment while helping to reduce ethical risk in their global organizations.

Judgment Framework for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Shelley Barrows is an Audit and Enterprise Risk Services (AERS) Partner in Deloitte & Touche LLP. Her research will focus on judgment frameworks for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The shift to IFRS will move accounting in the U.S. from a rules-based approach to a principles-based approach that requires significant judgment. As judgment can vary within and outside an organization, consistency is a concern. Anticipated in early September, Shelley's research will explore judgment frameworks that companies might use for evaluating transactions.