Deloitte named top consultancy by CRM Magazine
Deloitte honored for "Exceptional Customer Service" and "Vision".

Fuente:   Fecha:  20/10/2009

Deloitte named top consultancy by CRM Magazine

Deloitte Consulting LLP has earned the top consultancy recognition within CRM magazine's 2009 "CRM Market Awards." This is the second consecutive year the magazine has named Deloitte as its top consultancy.

"Deloitte's unique ability to successfully bring together strategy, people and technology to help companies in their efforts to solve complex business issues continues to differentiate us in the marketplace," said Jim Davis, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and CRM offering leader. "We are honored that CRM magazine has recognized us again this year with the top 'Consultancies' Market Award."

According to CRM magazine, "Analysts praise [Deloitte] for delivering exceptional customer service, but also a commitment to furthering its vision." Analyst Leslie Ament, associate director of information technology research with Kennedy Information, commented in CRM magazine, "Deloitte paved the way for exploration into capabilities and service-line offerings that bring decision science and business intelligence into its approach to customer management."

Ament also highlighted Deloitte's unique access to tax and audit capabilities, saying, "When Deloitte approaches any project -- CRM, pure strategy, or operational management -- they can bring to the table ... risk and audit capabilities ... It is a different approach and if I were a client, I might consider that a value-add."

Deloitte beat out its competition in an extensive three-month process and a proprietary rating formula that involves industry analysts, financial and corporate information, assessments of services offered and scores reflecting customer satisfaction.

"To stay competitive in a challenging economy, companies must come up with innovative ways to improve their customer relationship efforts. This is exactly what Deloitte has done," said David Myron, CRM magazine's editorial director. "We congratulate Deloitte on its achievement of excellence and hope its CRM efforts continue to succeed."