Deloitte ranked a top five company for multicultural women
Working Mother survey honors Deloitte for fifth consecutive year

Fuente:  Fecha: 27.05.2010

Deloitte ranked a top five company for multicultural women

Deloitte LLP has been named one of the top five organizations in the United States for multicultural women in 2010 by Working Mother magazine. The recognition salutes 23 US companies for their commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion. Deloitte has earned a spot on this annual ranking for five consecutive years.

"We are very fortunate to live in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world and Deloitte recognizes that this richness is a competitive asset," said Barbara Adachi, national managing principal for Deloitte's award-winning Initiative for the Retention and Advancement of Women (WIN). "Tapping the wealth of talent and perspective a diverse workforce has to offer is helping us grow our business in an increasingly global and competitive world. It is a smart business strategy we continue to pursue, even in a turbulent economy. We appreciate this honor from Working Mother and challenge ourselves to be appropriately represented by multicultural women at all levels of our workforce, including our leadership ranks."

Adachi joined Deloitte in 1990 and in 1995 became the first Asian-American female principal in the firm's San Francisco office. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and has a daughter who is a television producer. As leader of WIN, Adachi directs the strategy to build the strong pipeline of women professionals Deloitte needs to serve clients and grow its business.

"Keeping cultural inclusiveness top of mind during the economic downturn was a business imperative to the Working Mother Best Companies for Multicultural Women, and as a result, they are reaping the benefits," said Carol Evans, president, Working Mother Media. "Our winners retain star staffers by recognizing that top talent comes from different backgrounds, and it is these diverse perspectives that bring different skills to leadership and fresh solutions to business needs."

This year Deloitte was recognized for several "bold plays" to attract, develop and advance women of color and other minorities:

-- Assignment Reviews confirm that the composition of client service teams are staffed equitably and women and minority professionals are assigned roles and projects that provide them with visibility and growth opportunities

-- Career Sponsor Program matches minority group managers and senior managers with a partner, principal or director who is accountable for their career development

-- Community College Initiative sponsors mentoring and professional development programs for top students at 16 community colleges

-- Women of Color Survey polled 4,000 women of all races to identify barriers women of color may perceive in the corporate world and develop solutions for overcoming them