Deloitte rated fastest growing practice in global public sector market
Deloitte’s growth rate highest among competitors; differentiated through branding, client experience, breadth of offerings.

Fuente:  Fecha: 15.12.2009

Deloitte rated fastest growing practice in global public sector market

Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, a leading research firm covering services markets, has ranked Deloitte as the fastest growing organization in the public sector global market in its report, The Kennedy Vanguard for Public Sector Management Consulting Practices, 2009. In 2008, aggregate revenues in the Deloitte public sector consulting practice grew at 27 per cent compared to 2007, to US$1.5 billion.

"Deloitte differentiates itself through its branding, emphasis on the client experience, distributed nature of its member firms, and breadth of offerings," said Kelly Matthews, associate research director and lead analyst of Kennedy's Public Sector Consulting Marketplace 2009. "The firm also publishes a wealth of information on the public sector market, further differentiating itself."

Kennedy rated Deloitte as a leading public sector practice, providing management consulting services globally compared to more than 20 market players. In addition, Kennedy stated that the acquisition of BearingPoint's North American Public Services Practice will make Deloitte a much stronger competitor in the US federal market.

"We are honoured Kennedy recognized Deloitte capabilities as a leader in the public sector, especially in the current environment," says said Greg Pellegrino, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Global Public Sector Industry Leader. "In today's economy, public officials are forced to rethink all the ways in which they serve their constituents", he added. Nader Srouji, partner in charge for consulting at Deloitte in the Middle East, commented: "Deloitte's focus is to help government leaders address critical issues and challenges impacting government performance, economic competitiveness and citizen service. Influential government organizations currently benefit from the Deloitte deep industry expertise, breadth of services, and presence in 140 countries."

Kennedy's extensive annual public sector services research provides in-depth views of all market players and provides insight into key differentiators for organizations like Deloitte. According to Kennedy, "Deloitte boasts myriad strengths in its Public Sector practice. The firm recruits top industry veterans as advisors and directors, leveraging their deep industry expertise." In addition, "Deloitte's ability to connect with senior officials in government helps it foster long-term government business."

Kennedy says that the public sector consulting market is more competitive than ever. Deloitte will be among the largest public sector consulting practices worldwide in 2009, post-BearingPoint acquisition, based on Kennedy's look ahead to the future of the market.