Deloitte's new solution to accelerate the implementation of CRS
The Deloitte Business Simulation Game to be showcased at the biennial Global Reporting Initiative Conference.

Fuente:    Fecha:  26.05.2010

Deloitte's new solution to accelerate the implementation of CRS

The Deloitte Business Simulation Game is designed to accelerate the implementation of corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives via stakeholder engagement and development of leadership capabilities. The game will be showcased in a boardroom session at the 2010 Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency, taking place under the auspices of the Global Reporting Initiative on 26-28 May in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The game will also be featured as part of Deloitte 20/20.

"As sustainability reporting increasingly becomes part of business operations and integrates with annual reporting, conducting business sustainably will no longer be a luxury for the motivated few—it will be the normal course of business for any company expecting to compete effectively," said Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Global Sustainability & Climate Change Leader Nick Main. "The Deloitte Business Simulation Game offers companies an effective change management tool to help with the transformation they need to go through to realize the full benefits of sustainability initiatives."

Commenting on The Deloitte Business Simulation Game, Ralph Thurm, Director, Sustainability Strategies, Deloitte Netherlands, said, "Most companies focus on the 'hard' elements of corporate responsibility implementation, such as strategy, program, and the formal processes and systems. These steps are fundamental but will not yield maximum results unless accompanied by the 'soft' elements, such as engaging stakeholders or developing organizational capabilities by equipping senior executives, managers, and employees with the knowledge and skills, as well as with the broader mindset, to be a truly sustainable company. The Deloitte Business Simulation Game enables participants to learn how to balance the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of people, planet, and profit within the context of a business enterprise."

The game enables companies to experiment with a realistic model of their company and its immediate external environment to evaluate the potential future scenarios for their sustainability efforts in a safe game setting. During The Deloitte Business Simulation Game the players go through several business cycles, experiencing critical moments and interdependencies. Most importantly, they are confronted with the consequences of their decisions. Decisions occur simultaneously and interactively, just as in the daily business world. Participants get to reconcile dilemmas and respond to short-term priorities while ensuring positive impact on long-term sustainability.

The hands-on learning approach helps to sharpen management skills through practice, feedback from teammates, and coaching from experienced facilitators. The feedback, as well as the frequent discussions and debates that arise during the game, provides an exceptional collaborative learning process.

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